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Some interesting facts about the national judicial council nigeria

by Dan Hunter
national judicial council nigeria

National judicial council nigeria

The National Judicial Council is among the Federal Executive Bodies. It was created by the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 1999Constitution.

The Council has several functions among them are to appoint, promote, and discipline Judicial Officers.

It also make sure that reforms preserves and protects the sanctity of the Judiciary. The National Judicial Council promotes a fair Judicial system which is faster and meet the needs of the people.

The vision of the Council is to build a Judiciary driven with integrity and proper measures that promotes timely justice in the country.

Its mission statement is to develop effective and efficient management of justice in Nigeria.

National judicial council latest news

Would you like to read the latest news, breaking stories, opinions, top headlinesabout the National Judicial Council?

Here is the NJC Latest News page.

You can also read the Council’s press release here.

National judicial council salary

Like every other agencies created by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the renumeration here is reasonable.

The current average salary for Legal officers at the National Judicial Council is N64,000. That’s the least pay for workers.

National judicial commission

national judicial commission

The Federal Government of Nigeria established a body of executives. Among them is the National Judicial Commission (now Council). The Council was established according to the provisions of Section 153 of the 1999’s Constitution. It was amended for the protection of the Nigerian Judiciary system – from theExecutive’swhims and caprices.

The current Chairman of the National Judicial Council is the Chief Justice of Nigeria (Hon. Dr. Justice Tanko Muhammad. The Deputy Chairman is the Justice of the Supreme Court, Hon. Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour.

National judicial council upsc

The National Judicial Council has different judicial functions. Some of the functions include giving advice to the President and Governors relating to judicial issues. Some disciplini duties are also performed by the Council, duties like nominating and appointingexecutive members of the judicial.

Powers of national judicial council

The National Judicial Council has several powers as mandated to it be the Federal Government of Nigeria. According to the 1999 Constitution, under the provision in Paragraph 21 of Part I of the 3rd Schedule, the following powers were given to the NJC:

  • Can recommend the President among the list of those submitted to it by the Justices of the Supreme Court, Federal Judicial Service Commission, the Chief Judge and Judges of the Federal High Court, personsto appoint into the offices of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the President and Justices of the Court of Appeal, the Justices of the Supreme Court, and;
  • Persons to be appointed into the Offices of the Chief Judge and Judges of the High Court of the FCT, Abuja, the Judicial Service Committee of the FCT, Abuja, the President and Judges of the Customary Court of Appeal of the FCT, Abuja, the Grand Kadi and Kadis of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the FCT, Abuja.
  • The National Judicial Council can give advice to the President and Governors on issuesregardingthe judiciary.
  • Also, the Secretary of the Council is to be appointed by the NJC by the recommendation of the Federal Judicial Service Commission. This shall be a Legal Practitioner.
  • It can recommend the President about removing Judicial Offers. This was specified in the sub-paragraph (a). It also can exercise discipliary control over these officers.
  • NJC also has the power to controlanddisburseallmonies,recurrent, andcapital to serve theCouncil.
  • It appoints, dismisses, and exercises disciplinary control over staff and Members of the Council.
  • The Council also tackles other broader issues relating to policies and administration.

National judicial council recruitment

national judicial council recruitment

One of the main for theannual recruitment exercise of the National Judicial Council is to create more jobs for youths in Nigeria – undergraduates and graduates.

This plays a role in reducing the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

Would you like to work with the National Judicial Council?

You can begin the application process by visiting the official website of the Council athttp://www.njcgov.org.

Always check the website for new vacancy updates.

Njc appoints new judges

As at December 2020, the National Judicial Council recommended the appointment of sixty-nine (69) judges.

To view the list if the new Judges, please check this page NJC New Judges.


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