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Piggyvest. A comprehensive Guide

by Abbey

Piggyvest interest rate.

Piggyvest is an online platform that allows you to save and invest with ease. It helps their customers curb their excessive spending and also save. Flex naira account is the savings wallet where interest earned on all other PiggyVest wallets are paid. Withdrawal from this account is allowed only 4 times a month and you’ll earn an interest of 8% per annum.


Piggyvest interest rate per month.

If the interest on piggybank is 10% per annum, how much is the interest per month?

0.833% – 66.6%

That is, 10/12 = 0.833.

Piggyvest interest rate calculator.

PiggyVest’s main aim is to enable its customers to get interested in their savings after a particular time. The saving plans in PiggyVest include:

PiggyBank – 10% interest rate

PiggyFlex – 12% interest rate

Safelock option – 15% interest rate

To calculate your interest,

Interest = (amount * duration *rate) / (100 * durationFrequency)


Amount = amount to save 

Duration = period of savings in years

Rate = Package rate offered by PiggyVest

DurationFrequency = duration of savings deposits (days, weeks, months, years). To know how to calculate your interest rate, visit here.

PiggyVest safe lock interest rate.

Safelock on piggyvest is a fixed savings option that allows its customers to earn up to 15.5% per annum. It allows you to lock funds from your piggybank wallet. The minimum account you can safely lock is N1000 and you can have more than one safe lock on your account. Your interest in safe lock will be based on the period you set;

10-30 days, the interest rate is calculated at 6% per annum. 

31-60 days, the interest rate is calculated at 7% per annum.

61-90 days, the interest rate is calculated at 9% per annum

91 days – 2 years, the interest rate is calculated at 12.5% per annum.


Does PiggyVest give interest?

Yes, piggyvest gives interest.  Piggyvest helps you save and in return, you’ll get interested on that savings, it varies based on the plan you’re on.

Is piggyvest safe?

PiggyVest uses the highest level of Banking Security to ensure that your money is safe and secured.

Cowrywise interest rate

Cowrywise helps Nigerians save and invest money regularly. Cowrywise interest rate is dependent on how long you invest your savings. Cowrywise regular plan offers 10% and 15%per annum

Piggyvest review

Vicky Idiagi-Udofia: I’ve never had any issues with Piggyvest since I registered with them almost 2 years ago. I get debited weekly when I have money in my account. I get credited directly into my account when I make a request, within less than 5 mins of the request.

Edosa Godslove: why does piggy vest have such a slow response rate to customers. my account was flagged I have presented all required documents as they asked. but still no response up till now. At least someone should tell me if it will be unflagged

Is piggyvest legit?

PiggyVest is 100% legit. It was established on the 7th of January, 2016 and it has over 250,000 users and about 5-6 million visits each month.

Is piggyvest approved by CBN?

PiggyVest is approved by the CBN to provide services as intermediaries of the financial market. 

How does piggyvest investment work.

  1. Have a financial goal. It could be your school fees, pay rent, or start a business.
  2. Create an account on PiggyVest and start saving.
  3. They’ll pay you interest of up to 13% on your saving. You can save weekly, daily, monthly, or anytime you want.

How to invest money with PiggyVest

  1. Create an account 
  2. Click on investing or “invest for the future”.
  3. Review investment opportunities and invest.


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