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Nigerian export promotion council. Interesting facts

by Dan Hunter
nigerian export promotion council

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC, was established by the promulgation of the former Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Decree Number 26 of 1976. It is now an Act which is according to the democratic governance of the Nigeria.

The Act was adjusted through the Decree Number 72 of 1979. It was later amended by the Nigerian Export Promotion Decree Number 41 of 1988; this was complemented by the Export Decree Number 18 of 1986 (Incentives and Miscellaneous Provisions).

Also, there was promulgation of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council Decree Number 64 and 65 of 1992 in order to improve the Council’s performance.

Keep reading to learn more about this council.

Nigerian export promotion council salary

The Nigerian Export Promotion Councilis committed to providing healthy working environment for its workers. That’s not all, good salaries are rewarded.

For a start, the average net salary at the NEPC is N72,000.

The higher the qualifications and skills, the higher the pay.

Nigerian export promotion council ceo

nigerian export promotion council ceo

The current Chief Executive Officer if the NEPC is Mr Olusegun Awolowo.

He keeps working hard to help the organization fulfill its mission.

Functions of nigerian export promotion council

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council has numerous functions and roles. It has the interest of exporters and importers.

Here are some of the functions of NEPC:

It helpsto promote the development of issues relating the the export industry of Nigeria.

It also promotes the diversification and development of export trade in Nigeria.

It is actively involved in the promotion and implementation of export programmes and policies and  for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It leads the way to the creation of key export incentives.

The Council is responsible for monitoring and co-ordinating activities relating to export promotion in the country.

It collects and disseminatea information relating to exporters and local manufacturers in the foreign markets.

To assist local exporters with technical supports. The likes of financing, quality control, transportation, costing, and others.

The NEPC together with other training institutions, offers training to its workers to enhance productivity.

It organizes and make plans for Nigerian exporter to participate in exhibitions and trade fairs.

It is in charge of conducting researches about the conditions relating totheexport sector ofeconomy. The aim is to advice the government on possible measures and policies.

It is responsible for approving grants plus other opportunities relating to the promotion and development of export in the country.

The Council is responsible for establishing facilities that fosters trade promotion in the country. Permanent showrooms are also being established in other countries.

It seems regular streamline and simplification of procedures and documentation of export.

It finds and offers appreciate solutios to problems faced by exporters during exportation processes.

It performs those functions that makes objectives ofthe Export Decrees conducive.

NEPC organizes and plansexternal trade missionswhich offers support from Nigeria.

Nepc list of exporters

The list if exporters is available at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council.

You can always view them at the Council’s official website. Check them now List of Exporters.

Nigerian export promotion council address

nepc list of exporters

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council is located in Abuja.

Address: Plot 424, Aguiyi Ironsi Strt.,Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

Office is open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

For general enquiries, call +234 705 162 1328.

Email addresses:




Nigerian export promotion council act

The Act which established the NEPC was the Export Promotion Council Act 1987 -now consolidated to 2013. The Act was created for the promotion, development, and diversification of export trade of Nigeria.

It helps the growth and development of export-oriented industries within the country.

To download the full Act, here is a link NEPC Act.

What are the functions of export promotion council

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council has several functions.

The Council is responsible for the collection of member’s data relating to import and export. Other data of international trades are also collectedfor the purpose of building statistical base. These are important for comparison on the growth of the industry.

NEPC also organizes and plans Trade Delegations. Here, exporting opportunities are explored.

Nigerian export promotion council recruitment

The 2021 recruitment form of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council is not yet available. However, you are to regularly check for updates as it could come out soon.

To begin to proceu, simply visit the official recruitment portal of the Council athttp://www.nepc.gov.ng.

The registration is simple and straight-forward.


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