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Interesting facts about the ministry of environment nigeria

by Dan Hunter
federal ministry of environment

Federal ministry of environment address

The Federal Ministry of environment is located at No. 340 Independence way, Central Area, Abuja Nigeria.

You can also reach the Ministry via telephone: +234-09-5233611. Or Fax: +234-09-5233611.

Web: http://environment.gov.ng/

Email address: info@environment.gov.ng.

The mission of this Ministry is to ensure environmental protection as well as the conservation of natural resources.

Are there agencies under federal ministry of environment

The Federal Ministry environmental has several environment agencies under it. The agencies are organizations or commissions which are established within or outside the government to foster the protection, preservation, management, of ecological resources.

Also, the agencies protect the environment from misuse by humans. They deal with matters regarding climate change.

The environmental agencies under the Ministry of Environment keep doing a great job which help in preserving the environment and its recourses. They are also responsible for protecting the citizens of Nigeria from hazardous wastes and ecological nuisance. With them, pollution is protected and easily combated when any occurs.

Below are the environmental agencies established by the Federal and State government; they are all under the Ministry of Environment.

  • Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN).
  • National Bio-safety Management Agency (NBMA).
  • Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) – now defunct.
  • National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA).
  • National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA).

Organogram of federal ministry of environment

Below is an image of the structure of the Federal Ministry of Environment.

organogram of federal ministry of environment

Who is the permanent secretary federal ministry of environment nigeria

The current Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment Nigeria is Mrs. Belinda Aderonke Odeneye. She was sworn in on the 19th of August, 2019.

Belinda Aderonke Odeneye was born in Manchester, United Kingdom, on September 3, 1965 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Kadara of Oyingbo, Lagos State, Nigeria. They are both of blessed memory.

Her primary education was from 1970 to 1976; she attended K. Kotun Memorial Nursery and Primary school located at Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos. For her secondary school education, Belinda attended Government College, Agege, Lagos State – from 1976 to 1981. She completed her West African School Certificate with Grade (I) there. In 1985, she completed her tertiary education at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State with a second class Honors – here, Belinda studied Industrial Chemistry. She later went to the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom to obtain Masters’ Degree in Environmental Pollution Control – this was in 1992.

Till date, Belinda has had decades of experience in the Public Service of the Federal Government of Nigeria as well as Lagos State. She has worked for over 23 years as a Scientific Officer at the Federal Ministry of Works and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (it metamorphosed from the Environmental Planning and Protection Division of the Federal Ministry of Environment). In 2010, her service was transferred to Lagos State – she served the Lagos State Safety Commission, the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, and in the Environmental Services Department of the Ministry of Environment.

On the 9th of August, 2019, Mrs. Odeneye was sworn in as the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of The Environment.

Federal ministry of environment lagos office

The Ministry of Environment Nigeria has an office in Lagos State.

It is located at Block 16, Secretariat Annex, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Federal ministry of environment salary structure

At the Federal Ministry of Environment, the average salary is N81,500. Roles may include Scientific Officer 1, Senior Scientific Officer, etc. The data was plotted b some employees of the Ministry.

Functions of federal ministry of environment

The Minister for the Environment is responsible for maintaining active overviews, as well as the monitoring the implementation of the RMA. For the RMA, some of the roles of the Minister include – decide when to issue national planning standard; recommends what national policy statements should be made and different national environmental standards.

Functions of the federal ministry of environment

  • To implement the Environmental Audit and Environmental Management System (EMS) in Nigeria
  • To provide and implement the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act of 1992 – regarding development projects
  • It promotes environmental sustainability of development projects. This is possible via the regulation of activities within the mining, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing sectors, infrastructure, and others.
  • To accredit environmental laboratories
  • It is responsible for developing guidelines and standards for eco-labeling and environmental quality monitoring.

Last ministry of environment

The current Honorable Minister of Environment, Federal Republic of Nigeria is Muhammad Mahmood Abubakar. He has been appointed since 2019.


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