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GLO Nigeria [History, customer care, checking number, airtime transfer, HSI and more]

glo nigeria data plans

Background about GLO Nigeria.

Globacom, Nigeria, popularly known as GLO, is the largest multinational telecommunication company owned by a Nigerian, Dr. Mike Adenuga. The company started its operations in Nigeria on August 29, 2003.

With over 50 million subscribers, it offers telecommunication services in the following countries: Republic of Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria, with more than 3000 workers worldwide.

Globacom Nigeria is the second-largest mobile network operator and also sits as the third highest firm in regards to Internet Data Subscription with 29 million subscribers.

How to contact GLO customer care

The services rendered by the GLO Customer Care is second to none. Customers can connect with the customer care agents in making complaints about any dissatisfaction they receive when using the Globacom network. You can contact the GLO customer care using any of the following:


The fastest way to communicate with GLO customer agents is through their service lines, which are available 24/7. Connecting with the next available customer care agents may take a few minutes. Still, it is undoubtedly the most convenient way to solve pending issues with the GLO network. You can reach any of the agents using this method:

  • If you are calling from a registered GLO number dial 121 or 200
  • If you want to call from another network service providers line in Nigeria, simply dial 08050020200 or 08050020121
  • From outside Nigeria, dial +23408050020121 or +23408050020200


You can contact the Globacom customer care desk by sending a mail to any of this mails:


The customer care agent usually takes no time in replying to emails.


The official website of Globacom Nigeria is

GLO customer care WhatsApp number

Globacom Nigeria doesn’t have a number for contacting the customer care via Whatsapp. However, you can contact them using the customer care number 08050020121.

What is the GLO customer care number?

At Globacom, the customer doesn’t just have a number. They are regarded as their most valuable asset, which is why customers can contact the customer care department quickly using their unique call number.

The GLOBACOM customer care number is 08050020121.

How to check GLO number

Customers can check their phone numbers using several methods. I will be sharing some of the ways to use in checking your phone number.

  1. Dialling a call number

Using the GLO short call number, Customers can check by dialling the number from their phone.

To check your number dial 1244

You will receive a voice prompt reading out your number

  1. Dialling a USSD number

This is the simplest way to check your GLO number. It involves dialling a ussd code from your phone to check your phone number.

Simply dial *135*8# from your phone, your GLO phone number will be displayed on your screen afterwards.

  1. Official GLO website

Customers can check their GLO numbers using an internet-connected device having the sim card on the device. All that is required is for you to visit the website page below.

When the page loads, you will see your GLO number displayed at the top right corner of the web page.

How to check GLO balance

Globacom, Nigeria, has developed an easy and effective way for customers to check their GLO balance. Customers can check their account balance or prepaid airtime balance by dialling #124*1# or *124# then follow the prompt message afterwards.

Customers can use this USSD service at any point in time, as it’s always available to use. Also, using the USSD code is entirely free of charge.

GLO recharge code

The GLO recharge code is the USSD code that customers can use when they intend to recharge their GLO line with airtime.

The GLO recharge USSD code is *123*Scratch Card PIN#

The code is the USSD card for recharge, its different from that of GLO 4X, 8 times, and GLO yakata plan recharge code.

NOTE: the scratch card PIN is always a 15-digit PIN.

How to transfer airtime on GLO

In this section of the article, I will be sharing with you step by steps guide on how to transfer airtime on the GLO network.

  1. First, you need to change your default GLO Easy Share 5-digit PIN. The default PIN is 00000
  2. Simply dial *132*00000*new pin*new pin#, i.e. if you desire your new pin to be 55555, then dial *132*00000*55555*55555#
  3. To transfer airtime to another GLO line, dial *131*Recipient Phone Number*Amount*Password#. Example: to transfer 1000 airtime to 08112233322 and your new pin is 55555, then dial *131*08112233322*1000*55555#

After the transfer is successful, you will receive a text message showing the success of the transfer.

GLO HSI. What is it all about?

GLO HIS is a newly developed portal by Globacom, Nigeria where customers can use in managing their internet subscription packages on GLO Bolt.

GLO Bolt is designed to revolutionize how mobile internet services are provided in Nigeria. This is achieved by improving internet service delivery with innovations.

HSI GLO HSI self-care portal

HIS self-care portal is a unique portal developed by the company which is available only on the GLO network at

Customers can subscribe to different data plans, check their data history, generate an invoice, check data subscription status, data sharing and many others on the HIS portal.

How to borrow airtime from GLO

Globacom Nigeria customers can borrow airtime from the GLO network using the following steps:

  1. If you are borrowing for the first time, you need to create a 4-digit PIN on the GLO sim you want to use in borrowing.

Dial *321# then create the pin of your choice

  1. To borrow airtime, simply dial *321*PIN*Amount#. i.e. *321*5555*1000#

Your account will be credited with the airtime you requested for instantly.

GLO internet settings

GLO manual configuration

I will be sharing with you the GLO internet settings for modems and smartphones below:

APN gloflat gloflat
Username flat flat
Password flat flat
I.P Address
Port 8080 8080
Phone Number(*) *99#

Code to load GLO card

To load GLO card on your line, dial *123*PIN# then send. Your GLO line will be recharged with the card you loaded.

The PIN has 15-digits.

GLO logo png

You can download the GLO logo png below

glo nigeria data plans

GLO bonus code. How to get a bonus.

The code for GLO bonus is different from the code for regular recharge. However, the code for the GLO bonus is dependent on the bonus package.

I will share with you a table with a different bonus on GLO and their codes.

Bonus Code
GLO welcome back bonus #122*34# or #122*35#
Bumpa packge #122*2#
Campus booster voice bonus #122*10#
GLO data plan bonus #127*0#
Jollific8 plan *123*pin#
4x GLO recharge bonus *323*pin# or *122*30#

 GLO 4x recharge code

With the GLO 4x recharge code, subscribers can enjoy a 4x bonus when they recharge their GLO line using the 4X recharge code.

The GLO 4x recharge code is *323*PIN#

GLO cheapest call rate

GLO cheapest call rate is the 11 k/s tariff plan; it offers 11 k/s for calls to Nigerian networks and 20 k/s for calls to the following international countries: China, US, Canada, UK and India. To opt into the plan, dial *100*6*1#

Also, the GLO infinito tariff plan offers 20k/s for calls to any network in Nigeria. It also has an option for calling family and friends at a reduced rate. To opt-in the plan, the code is *100*9*2#.

GLO head office address

The Globacom Nigeria headquarters is located at Mike Adenuga Towers, No 1 Mike Adenuga Close, off Adeola Odeku Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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