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Seun Osewa. Life, Networth, and Nairaland.

Seun Osewa Picture

OluwaSeun Temitope Osewa is a programmer, webmaster and innovation tycoon. He’s the founder of Africa biggest online forum, nairaland. The website has grown to be one of the best discussion forums in Africa and the world in general. For years, the platform as served a medium of meeting for Nigerians at home and in diaspora. Seun is a very successful internet entrepreneur and a very reserved individual.

Career and Life

Seun kicked off his tech career in the year 2003, focusing on the web hosting niche. He had attempted to start a web hosting business, but after a while, he wasn’t making headway, so he ran out of capital and the idea died. During an interview, he highlighted the idea could have survived if he had managed his capital better or source for money to continue the business.

Seun Osewa was born and raised in Sango Ota, Ogun state in Nigeria. He grew up in a technology fascinated environment. This groomed his interest in the technology life. Seun enrolled as an undergraduate at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo university to study Electrical engineering in 1998. However, he did not complete his programme. Seun dropped out of school to pursue his programming dream. Today, he is a very successful webprenuer with a very private life

Seun Osewa PictureNotably, Seun Osewa does not have an Instagram account and he last post on his Twitter page in 2015. Till today, he avoids any form of major gatherings or award ceremonies. Seun lives a very private life for someone with an enviable portfolio like his.

Seun Osewa house

A closer look at the lifestyle of the successful bloggers in Nigeria shows a life of elegance. For instance, Linda Ikeji, a popular blogger in the country has been seen many times flaunting cars and houses. Seun Osewa despite being very successful too has never been seen in the media space flaunting. More so, he doesn’t even live around the sensitive places in the coastal areas of Lagos that houses a lot of bloggers and celebrities.

It is said that Seun Osewa still lives in Sango Ota secluded away from the media space.

Seun Osewa Forbes

In 2015, Forbes rated Nairaland, a web forum created by Seun, as the most visited in Africa. In the same year, it ranked third in the world in the Alexa rankings.

Seun Osewa net worth

nairalandAccording to the valuations of the Nairaland forum and ad space, Seun Osewa is worth about $1.5Million. All of Seun’s networth is directly connected to the Nairaland forum.

Seun Osewa religion and family

In his early life, it was believed that Seun was birthed into a Christian home. In recent time, there’s been a change in his status. Seun Osewa is currently an atheist. Seun Osewa is currently not married and there’s been no report of him having kids, however, all information are subjected to only what he made available in the public domain.

Seun Osewa Vs Linda Ikeji

Although both are one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria. With all the achievements on Nairaland, Seun  Osewa can rightly be referred to as a  person overly intellectual, obsessive, or lacking social skills (introvert) an exact opposite of Linda Ikeji.

Seun Osewa Picture

Seun Osewa PictureAll the pictures of Seun Osewa on the internet are relatively old pictures. For many years, he’s been totally off the media space.

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