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glo nigeria data plans

All available Glo data plans/bundles and the code to subscribe

Globacom is the acclaimed grandmasters of data in Nigeria; the network service providers have the cheapest data plans for their customers. The Glo data is available for use in the following devices Android devices, modems, PC, tablets, iPhones, etc.

There are different categories in which the Glo data plan is placed. In this article, I will be sharing with you all the available data plans, their price, validity, and the code to subscribe.

 Popular Glo Data Plan

Plan NamePrice (₦)Data VolumeSMS to 127USSD CODEValidity
N25 Data Plan2510MB32*127*32#1 Day
N50 Data Plan5027MB14*127*14#1 Day
N100 Data Plan10080MB51*127*51#1 Day
N200 Data Plan200210MB56*127*56#4 Days
N500 Data Plan500800MB57*127*57#14 Days
N1,000 Data Plan1,0001.6 GB53*127*53#30 Days
N2,000 Data Plan2,0003.65 GB55*127*55#30 Days
N2,500 Data Plan2,5005.75 GB58*127*58#30 Days
N3,000 Data Plan3,0007 GB54*127*54#30 Days
N4,000 Data Plan4,00010 GB59*127*59#30 Days
N5,000 Data Plan5,00012.5 GB11*127*2#30 Days
N8,000 Data Plan8,00020 GB12*127*1#30 Days
N10,000 Data Plan10,00026 GB15*127*11#30 Days
N15,000 Data Plan15,00042 GB16*127*12#30 Days
N18,000 Data Plan18,00050 GB17*127*13#30 Days
N20,000 Data Plan20,00063 GB33*127*33#30 Days

Glo Data Plan – Special Plans

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
N500 TGIF WEEKEND PLAN5003 GB7 days(Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11:59 pm)61*127*#
N200 NIGHT PLAN2001 GB1 day60*127*#
G 1006,0004 GB30 days20*127*#
G 30015,00012 GB3 Months21*127*#
G-Leisure5,00012 GB8 pm to 9 am weekdays, All days on weekends30*127*#
G-Work6,00012 GB8 am to 9 pm31*127*#

Glo Campus Data Booster Plan

PriceDataOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo Bonus(N)Free Data to Gift (MB)Validity
N100100 MB100 MB225 MB100252 days
N200200 MB200 MB450 MB200504 Days
N500500 MB500 MB1.12 GB5001257 Days
N10001 GB1 GB2.25 GB1,00025015 Days
N20002 GB2 GB4.5 GB2,00050030 Days
N50005 GB5 GB11.2 GB5,000125030 Days


Recently, Glo released the Glo LTE (4G) on the Glo network. To use the LTE, you must confirm that the 4G network will compatible with the version of the phone you are using. You can verify this by sending 4G to 400 on your Glo sim as a text message.

With the 4G LTE, Customers can download this faster on the internet compared to when using the 3G SIM.

Also, customers can visit the nearest Glo office to swap their Glo SIM for a 4G SIM or buy a new 4G SIM.

However, the Glo 3G data plan is the same as the 4G data plan.

How to check Glo data balance

Customers can check their data balance by dialing *127*0# or send an SMS with ‘‘INFO’’ to 127.

How to share data on Glo

There are various ways to use in sharing data on the Glo network. The simplest method to use is the USSD code. To share data on the Glo network, dial*127*01*Recipients Number# or send ‘Share (Recipients number) to 127.

With these two methods, you will be able to share your data with family and friends.

          How to un-share data on Glo

Customers can remove numbers that are amongst those they share their glo data with. To remove any number, dial *127*02*(Number to be removed)# or send Remove (number to be removed) to 127 as an SMS.

With these simple steps, the number you removed will not be able to use your data again.

What is the Glo Yakata data plan?

Glo Yakata plan is Globacom Nigeria’s new prepaid plan where customers (both new and existing customers) are given bonuses whenever they recharge their Glo line for six months. The bonuses are usually free data and airtime, which can be used to call all networks in Nigeria.

Customers are rewarded with bonuses that are 2200% the amount that they recharged with. For instance, if a customer recharges N200, he/she will be rewarded with an N4400 package.

How to check Glo yakata bonus

Subscribers of the Glo Yakata Plan are sent a confirmation text after every recharge. The confirmation message contains the balance for the main and bonus account.

However, subscribers can check their Glo Yakata bonus when they don’t receive the confirmation text using a USSD code. The code to check the Glo Yakata bonus is *230*1#

What is the Glo unlimited data plan?

The Glo Unlimited Plan is a roaming plan on the Globacom Nigeria network that all subscribers (Prepaid) on the Glo network roam internationally with a bundle that is cheap and cost-effective. The data plan on the unlimited plan is N0.15/kb.

To read more about the Glo unlimited data plan, click here.

Glo data plan 2019 and Glo data plan 2018. How where they different

The Glo data plan 2019 is not different from the Glo data plan in 2018. The Globacom Nigeria network maintained the same pattern in the Glo data subscription plan.

How to transfer data on Glo

To be able to share data on Glo, you need the recipient’s Glo number. Next, is to dial *127*01*Recipients Number# or send a text to 127 with this format ”Share Recipients Number”. This is a simple method to use in transferring data on Glo.

How to gift data on Glo

Data gifting on Glo is quite easy. Customers can gift data to their loved ones and friends on the Glo network using this method:

  1. Dial *777# on your Glo sim
  2. Select ‘‘Buy Data Plan’’ and then choose ‘‘Gift a Data Plan’’ feature
  3. Next, enter the recipient’s number
  4. Finally, confirm the transaction.

Also, you can gift data to another Glo user using this USSD code method. To gift data dial *127*USSD plan code*recipients’ number#

How to buy and load Glo data

Globacom Nigeria is the acclaimed Grandmaster of data due to the various kinds of cheap data plans they offer to their customers. I will be sharing with you ways on how to buy data on the Glo network.

Customers can check the various data plan offered by Globacom Nigeria by simply dialing *777# from a Glo number and then choose their preferred data plan.

Subscribers can buy data using any of the USSD codes below:

Data PlanAmount CodeValidity
1.6GBN1,000*127*53#30 Days
3.65GBN2,000*127*55#30 Days
5.75GBN2,500*127*58#30 Days
7GBN3,000*127*54#30 Days
10GBN4,000*127*59#30 Days
12.5GBN5,000*127*2#30 Days
20GBN8,000*127*1#30 Days
26GBN10,000*127*11#30 Days
42GBN15,000*127*12#30 Days

Best Glo data plan for students

The best Glo data plan for students is the Glo campus booster plan. The campus booster plan offers up to 10x the amount of your data subscription on Nigeria campuses at no fee.

However, the plan works only in marked areas as Campus Booster Zones. The plan works as a regular plan outside the marked zones. The plan is also available on Customs, Immigration, and Police training institutes nationwide.

Students can subscribe to the Glo campus booster plan by dialing *777# on their phones and follow the prompt message.

How to check Glo data balance via SMS

Subscribers on the Glo network can check their Glo data balance via SMS. All that is required is to send ‘INFO’ to the Glo specialized shortcode number, which is 127. An instant message will be sent to the subscribers containing all the necessary information regarding their data balance (i.e., the data balance and the expiry date).

How to cancel Glo data auto-renewal

On the Globacom Nigeria network, customers can decide to stop or cancel Auto-renewal on their Glo data plan. To cancel the Glo data auto-renewal feature, use any of the following methods:

  1. SMS: Simply type and send ”CANCEL” to 127 (This should be done when the plan you want to cancel data auto-renewal for is active). You will receive a message showing that the plan is no longer on Glo data auto-renewal.
  2. Customer care agent: you can contact the Glo customer care number ‘121’ or +23408050020121 and asked that your line should be removed on the Glo data auto-renewal option.

Glo night plan. How to subscribe.

Glo Night plan is one of the best night plans in Nigeria. Subscribers are offered a considerable amount of data that can only be used from 12:00 am to 05:00 am. The night plan currently has three packages.

I will be sharing with you the three different night plan packages and how to subscribe to them.

  1. Glo Night-Only plan (1 Day)

The Glo night-only plan can be used from 12 am to 5 am for 1 day. This plan has two options: N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB plans.

With any of these plans, regardless, if the subscriber finishes up the data volume or not, it would expire at 5 am of that particular day the subscription was made.

  1. 1GB Night-Only Plan (5 Days)

The new price for this plan is N100 and can only be used from 12 am to 5 am for the 5 days validity period of the plan.

Customers can use the plan till the expiry date (5 days), after which the plan would have expired.

  1. Glo TGIF weekend Plan (2 Days)

The price for this plan is N500 for a 3GB data volume. The plan is only valid from 12 am on Saturday down to 11:59 pm on Sunday. The data will be expired if it’s not exhausted within the stipulated period.

Glo Oga sim data plan. How to subscribe and what you stand to gain

Glo Oga SIM data plan is the new Glo SIM promo that offers 125% data bonus to new customers on all plans. This is higher than the 25% that was offered to customers previously. The Oga SIM is any new Glo SIM.

With Glo Oga SIM, you will be offered with double the amount of data you subscribed with.

There’s no unique code to subscribe to the Glo Oga SIM package. All you need to do is to purchase the desired data amount using the *777# USSD code, and 125% of the data will be given to you.

Glo weekend data plan

The Glo weekend data plan is one of the latest plan introduced by Globacom Nigeria as part of their internet data bundle for its customers. The price of the weekend data plan is N500 for 3GB and has a validity period of 7 days.

The Glo weekend data plan can only be used during the weekends. Customers can opt in the plan using any of these two methods:

  1. USSD code: simply dial *127*61# on your mobile phone
  2. SMS: send ‘‘61’’ to 127

You will automatically be subscribed to the Glo weekend plan using any of the methods.

Note: You must have up to N500 as your airtime balance to able to subscribe to this plan successfully.

Glo data plan for 500 naira

There are several data plans on the Globacom Nigeria network that are valued at N500. In this section of the article, I will share with you the data plans for N500

Data PlanGBValidity PeriodCode
N500 14 Days Plan1GB14 Days*127*57#
TGIF N500 Plan3GBWeekends Only*127*61#
Campus Data Booster N500 Data Plan500 MB7 Days*777#

Glo daily data plan

The Glo daily data plan is data plans that their validity period is one day. Some of the daily data plans include:

Data PlanGBValidity PeriodCode
N100 Daily data Plan100 MB1 Day*127*51#
N50 Daily data Plan27 MB1 Day*127*14#
N25 Daily data Plan12 MB1 Day*127*32#

How to view Glo data shared numbers

Subscribers on the Glo network can see the list of people sharing their data plan, simply *127*00# or send ”LIST” to 127. Moments later, you would receive a message that contains all the numbers sharing your data subscription/.

Glo subscription code. How do you subscribe

The various Glo subscription code can be found on the Glo official website. You can visit the website using the link below.

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