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Glo internet settings [this is how you do it]

glo nigeria data plans

Customers on the Glo ng network can’t be able to access/use the internet connection on their mobile devices and PC without configuring their Glo SIM using the Glo internet settings.

Many of our subscribers have been asking me to share the Glo internet settings for all android, modems, JAVA, and Apple devices. In this article, I will be sharing with you our esteemed subscribers on how to configure your device to the Glo internet settings.

Glo internet settings for android

The Glo internet settings for android is the same settings for all modems, iPad, iPhone, JAVA phones, tablets, and the rest. Customers can configure their android devices to the Glo ng high-speed internet settings using any of the two methods.

Automatic Configuration

You can request the Glo APN settings automatically using either of the following:

  1. Send ‘‘ACTIVATE’’ to 444 as a text using your Glo SIM


  1. Send your phone name to 927 as SMS using your Glo SIM i.e., if your phone is a K7 made by Techno; you send Techno K7 to 927

Manual Configuration

You can configure your android phone for the Glo APN settings if it doesn’t get configured using the automatic method.

To configure the Glo APN settings on your android device manually, go to the phone settings, select APN, and input the following information in the required fields:

  • APN (Access Point Name) – gloflat
  • Username – flat
  • Password – flat
  • Proxy – blank
  • Port – blank

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Glo 4G internet settings

After the release of the Glo 3G, Globacom Nigeria released the Glo 4G LTE in 2018. The 4G stands for the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks, while LTE represents long term evolution and is designed specifically for Glo high-speed internet connection.

The Glo high-speed internet settings for 4G can be configured using either of the two methods.

Glo 4G Automatic Internet Settings

Customers can automatically configure their device to the Glo 4G internet settings, simply text ‘‘Activate’’ to ‘‘444’’ using a 4G enabled device.

Also, you can configure your device to the Glo high-speed internet settings by sending a text to 927 with your phone brand and model. E.g. text ”Techno K9 to ”927”.

Glo 4G Manual Internet Settings

Go to Settings on your phone, then select Network & Data. Afterward, set your Glo APN settings using the following:

APN: gloflat

Username – flat

Password – flat

However, the Glo ng 3G internet settings are the same as that of the Glo 4G internet settings.

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Glo internet settings for the modem

The Glo ng internet setting configuration is the same for all devices ranging for modems, iPhones, JAVA phones, and also Android phones.

In this section of the article, I will be sharing with you step by steps guide on how to configure your modem to the Glo high-speed internet settings manually.

  1. After, successful installation of the modem on the PC, go to the ‘‘tools’’ feature on the connection settings.
  2. Select ‘‘Add’’ option
  3. Input the following details
  • APN: gloflat or glosecure
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • Dial Number: *99#

Using the steps above, you will be able to configure your modem for internet use successfully.

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Glo internet settings for iPhone

The internet settings configuration for iPhone can be done using the following steps:

  1. In your Apple iPhone device go to Settings,
  2. then select the ‘‘Cellular’’ tab,
  3. Click on the Cellular Data Network
  4. Select the APN tab
  5. Finally, input the following details

Cellular Data:

  • APN – gloflat
  • Username – flat
  • Password – flat



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