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All about wema bank transfer codes

by Abbey
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Do you know that Wema Bank has been around for long? Founded on the 2nd of May, 1945, Wema bank is one of the oldest commercial banks in Nigeria.

The bank is well known for value delivery – it is always committed to creating more values for individuals, businesses, and other public sectors of the economy.

This article discusses necessary information you need to know about the Wema bank transfer code. Enjoy!

 Wema bank transfer code to another bank

Recharging your phone or for a third-party, paying of bills, checking of your account balance, and opening Wema bank account can now be done from your comfort zone. Also, transfering money from Wema bank to another bank can now be done with ease. All you need are some transfer codes.

To complete a money transfer transaction – from Wema bank to other banks, follow the steps below.

Dial *945*account number*amount# and send.

To make it easier, here is an example. Let’s say you want to transfer N25,000 to someone using another bank (with account number 0104738284), dial *945*0104738284*25000#.

However, there is a transfer threshold limit when using this service. That is, there is a minimum fund you can transfer daily with the Wema Bank mobile service.

The maximum amount you can transfer using the USSD service is N20, 000. If you wish to transfer larger amount, kindly visit the nearest Wema bank branch close to you to complete your your transaction.

Another option is to download and use the Wema Bank Mobile app. It will help you transfer more fund.

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Wema bank transfer code on mobile phone

If you want to recharge your mobile phone with airtime, use this code. Dial *945*amount# to recharge for yourself.

To recharge for a friend or family member, just dial *945*phone number*amount#.

To transfer fund to another bank account, dial *945*account number*amount#. Next, input your confirmation pin. This transaction must be done from your registered Wema Bank phone number.

Wema bank transfer code number

To register with the Wema bank transfer USSD Code, dial *945#. Make sure you are using the phone number you used when you opened your Wema bank account. Then, reply with 0, press 0 again, and follow other steps that appear on your phone’s screen.

The transfer code can be used for different things. Just start by dialing *945# to have a feel of what you can do with it.

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Wema bank ussd transfer code

Below are some quick USSD transfer codes you can use with Wema bank:

To buy airtimertime for a friend, simply dial *945*phone number*amount# and press the send button.

To send send money to phone/email, dial *945*6*amount#.

To receive/redeem money, dial *945*7*confirmation number*amount#.

For Cash-on-the-Go, dial *945*8*amount#Remita Payment*945*9*RRR#.

There are lots of transactions you can do with the bank’s USSD codes. The innovation makes things easier for customers.

Wema bank money transfer code

Here is how to transfer money from your Wema bank account number to another bank account number, or to a Wema bank account. All you need is your mobile phone and these transfer codes. It’s simple and fast.

To transfer money to another bank, follow these steps.

Just dial *945*account number*amount#.

Here is an example, let’s assume that you would like to transfer N50,000 to your friend who uses GTBank (with account number 0138484353), you are to dial *945*0138484353*50000#. When you are done, an option to input your PIN (4-digit) would appear on your phone’s screen to confirm your transaction. Enter it and proceed.

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Wema bank online transfer code

You can now transfer funds from your Wema Bank account using a mobile phone, with or without internet connection.

With  the transfer codes, you can recharge your phone with airtime, from any network. You can check your account balance, and transfer money to multiple accounts, be it within Wema bank or other banks.

The Wema bank online transfer code may requires no internet connection, but it needs a strong network signal make transactions go smoothly.

To transfer money from Wema bank to another bank, dial *945*account number*amount#. Follow the other simple instructions that pops up on your phone’s screen to complete your transaction.

Note: Always use the phone number you used while opening your account with Wema bank. If you use any other number, your transfers won’t go through.

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Wema bank transfer code registration

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a sophisticated device, the service helps you to bank with ease. The Wwma Bank mobile code banking is more straightforward than the mobile banking app – that is, it’s easier to use.

Why you need to register for this service.

Below are some of th benefits for using of the Wema bank transfer code:

  • You can easily open a Wema bank account and also check your account balance at anytime. The same features goes for changing of PIN, and making cardless withdrawals.
  • With it, you can receive Western Union payment, and also transfer funds fast.
  • Buy your airtime and data via the service. You can also pay for your subscritions – DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes. Generate a PIN with ease as well as pay for your electricity bills.

How can I register for the Wema bank transfer code?

Registeration is simple. Just doal *945#. Next, press 0 to register for the USSD banking. Set your PIN and follow any other simple instructions that comes up on your phone’s screen.

To create a PIN (you will need this to complete all transactions you process with the service), simply click on 0 after you are done with your registration. You will see the option. Go ahead and create your 4-digit  PIN. It’s like your password. Protect it.

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Wema bank airtime transfer code

To recharge airtime for yourself, just dial *945*amount#. If you want to recharge N1,000 worth of airtime on your phone, that means your would dial *945*1000#. It will be sent to your SIM card.

To help someone with airtime, you can simply dial *945*phone number*amount#. Then input your PIN. That’s it.

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How to activate wema bank transfer code

After you are done registering for the Wema bank transfer code, you need to activate it.

Follow the options on your phone’s screen.

Again, here is the code to register *945#. Everything you need to know about the service is there. The options are easy to follow.

Once your have activated the service, you can begin to transfer funds from your bank account to other accounts, whether they are accounts within Wema bank or in other banks.

You can also use it to pay your most of bills, without having to stress yourself.

The innovation has made personal banking easier and faster.


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