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YouTube channel for sale in Nigeria. Should you buy one?

by Abbey
YouTube channel for sale in Nigeria.

I’ve come across instances where individuals offer YouTube channels for sale in Nigeria, claiming they have met the monetization requirements. These channels often boast 10,000 watch hours and nearly 2,000 subscribers, and the sellers promise you that you can easily monetize the channel and become rich. Potential buyers are asked to pay a few hundred thousand naira for the channel because the seller will claim that they have too many YouTube channels and they can’t keep posting on the particular channel they want to sell.

 A Warning About These Offers

I’m here to offer some cautionary advice: don’t fall for these seemingly tempting offers. While it might not be what you want to hear, I’ve spent some time in the YouTube game and know how challenging these situations can be. It’s highly unlikely that anyone in their right mind would sell a monetized YouTube channel that’s making them money. And the usual thing that happened is that these people applied for monetization for the channel, YouTube failed to monetize the channel, and now they want to sell off an empty shell to you.

 The Reality Behind the Offers

Other times, the seller might tell you that they have an emergency or a project they need to put the money into. They express a desire to sell one, but this is frequently a fabrication. What you may not realize is that these channels primarily revolve around celebrity news or gists, often using content sourced from Instagram or other platforms without permission. Take for example, Davido posted a video about his twins on Instagram, these guys go and download the content that is not theirs and put it on YouTube.

 The Pitfalls of Using Third-Party Content

Using such third-party content may attract views and subscribers, but it’s almost impossible to monetize these videos. YouTube’s monetization team is extremely vigilant, and they won’t allow you to profit from content you didn’t create yourself. If you don’t own the original video, you’re in danger of being flagged for reusing content. Actually, you are not in danger per se, you will 100% be flagged for reused content. That I can guarantee.

 Navigating the Challenges of Reaction Videos

Reaction videos can work, but they often require you to be visible in the video, reacting to the content. If you merely add a voiceover without showing your face, YouTube will still consider this a reused content. I am saying this now, so you won’t say nobody told you. The only way to make a reaction video that will pass monetization is to have your face, preferably throughout the length of the video, while you are reacting.

 Why You Should Think Twice About Buying

If a channel is genuinely profitable, why would the owner want to sell it? The logic doesn’t add up. While I understand the desire to make money and improve your financial situation, it’s crucial to do so in the right way. Your ability to ask yourself why a person is going to sell your channel will inform your decision.

If the person is able to provide a reasonable answer, then by all means you can arrange for an escrow transaction. I know of a YouTube channel that sold for $100,000. This channel is strong in its niche; they produce good content that others can replicate. The views of the channel tanked soon after the purchase, but with persistence, the new buyer is getting it up once more.

There are niches that lends themselves to this. But celebrity news niches, that can be tough.

 Advice for Aspiring YouTubers

If you’re eager to build a successful YouTube channel and eventually monetize it, it’s best to start from scratch, create your original content, and cultivate your audience over time. While patience is key, the effort you put into creating authentic, unique content can lead to long-term success and financial stability. Don’t be discouraged by the challenges; many successful YouTubers began with small audiences and gradually built their channels through hard work and dedication. I will advise you to start your own channel, and get your hands dirty, but if you want to buy. Please make sure the channel is already monetized and don’t suddenly expect you will start cashing out heavily the next month.


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