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Would you like to know everything about Accenture Nigeria?

by Daniel Abuh
Accenture Nigeria logo

About Accenture Nigeria

Accenture Nigeria, known as Verraki Partners, is the world’s leading management consulting, outsourcing company, and technology services. Established in 1985, Accenture is driven by desire in delivering innovative ideas that would help its clients in meeting their business goals and objective.

Recently, Accenture Nigeria restructured its operation in the country and started its operations under the name Verraki. Verraki is headed by Mr. Niyi Yusuf, who was the former country manager under Accenture Nigeria. This restructuring doesn’t affect the kind of services rendered by Accenture.

Verraki Partners will continue to offer the same services provided by Accenture Nigeria to its clients.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Nigerian market place, there is no doubt that Accenture has helped in the development of many sectors of the economy. Employing global resources and network of intellectual talents from all industries has helped its clients to identify opportunities and seek process improvement.

The services rendered by Accenture Nigeria cut across three service lines: Management Consulting – Accenture helps businesses in defining the specific business goals and provides strategies in achieving them. Outsourcing – the company provides services in terms of finance and IT to its clients. Accenture Nigeria provides technology services – technological services such as security services and IT strategy services by building and developing complex systems.

However, Accenture Nigeria doesn’t engage in the following currently: outplacement consulting, executive recruiting, and other consulting services. The consulting agency helps in solving the problems of their clients in aspects like marketing, process, and technology.

Accenture Consulting. What kind of consulting do they do? And who do they consult for in Nigeria?

Accenture is the largest consulting firm in Nigeria, with most of her clients in every industry ranging from the oil and gas industry, banking industry, and government entities.

With its structure of operating groups, it covers the following: Financial Services, Government, Communication, and Tech, Products, and Resources. Accenture helps businesses and firms in answering tough questions that would lead to the growth of the business. Their consulting services in Nigeria spans through Strategy, Technology, Digital, and Management consulting across their 5 operational groups.

The major clients of Accenture Nigeria are into financial service delivery, digital & media technology, oil & gas industry, energy, public service communications.

Accenture Recruitment and careers

With over 100 personnel in Nigeria and approximately 318,000 personnel in various Accenture branches worldwide, Accenture in Nigeria provides career opportunities in the following areas: consulting, finance, information technology, product quality control, product marketing, etc. The career opportunities available in Accenture Nigeria include opportunities internship or graduates and undergraduates, entry-level professionals, experienced professionals, military and veterans in the following areas of interest consulting, operations, digital, technology, digital and strategy careers. You can find more details on career opportunities in Accenture Nigeria here

  • Accenture Nigeria graduate trainee 2017

There is an offer for a graduate trainee internship for fresh graduates. You can check the offer using this link here

  • Accenture Nigeria Salary

The salary structure of Accenture Nigeria is usually between N150,000 to N180,000 for entry-level jobs and increased at higher levels.

Branding is a critical requirement for any firm or organization that wants strategic visibility in the market place. It gives a memorable impression to customers.

Some of the areas that branding is applied include logo design, customer services, reputation, advertising, and customer service. Accenture, Nigeria has a well-structured and detailed logo that gives the company a unique status.

You can download the logo below

Accenture Nigeria logo

Accenture Nigeria, Abuja and Lagos address 

Lagos Office Address

Address: 2nd Floor, Citi Bank Building, 27, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria

Contact Number: +23412707100

Email: nigeria.marketing@accenture.com

Website: https://www.accenture.com/ng-en/


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