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[TRUSTED] NACA Salary structure (National Agency for the Control of AIDS)

by Abbey

About National Agency for the Control of AIDS

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS is a Federal Government agency established under the ministry of health to monitor and make research on HIV AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa has the second-highest number of people living with HIV AIDS, which is estimated to be about 1.8million people.

Formerly known as the National Action Committee on AIDS and established in 2000, NACA has reached several milestones in the fight against HIV aids in Nigeria.

Mandates of the Agency

Apart from its main function as the coordinator of HIV-related activities in the country, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS has other functions. These functions include:

  • Coordinate and sustain advocacy by all sectors for HIV AIDS at all levels in Nigeria.
  • Develop a framework for a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary response to HIV AIDS.
  • Articulate and develop plans for an expanded response to the scourge of HIV AIDS in Nigeria.
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the strategic plans for the control of HIV AIDS/ STDs in Nigeria.

NACA Salary Scale

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS uses the Consolidated Research Institution Salary Scale (CONRAIS).

The lowest-paid worker in the National Agency for the Control of AIDS under the CONRAIS salary structure which is 01 Step 1 earns a salary of about 25320 Naira monthly, and 303,669 annually. The highest-paid worker in the agency earns about 550,000 per month.

A graduate with a Bachelors’s degree is placed on grade level 08 step 01, with an entry salary of 81,000 Naira per month. Those with a Master’s degree and, or professional qualification like ICAN, COREN, etc. are placed on level 12.

Below is the approved CONRAIS salary scale.


  • CONRAIS 01 (Step 1 – 15)              25320 – 34560
  • CONRAIS 02 (Step 1 – 15)              25650 – 45067
  • CONRAIS 03 (Step 1 – 15)              26854 – 46553
  • CONRAIS 04 (Step 1 – 15)              27645 – 47353
  • CONRAIS 05 (Step 1 – 15)              29746 – 49036
  • CONRAIS 06 (Step 1 – 15)              30456 – 50336
  • CONRAIS 07 (Step 1 – 15)              51076 – 62097
  • CONRAIS 08 (Step 1 – 15)              81056 – 87659
  • CONRAIS 09 (Step 1 – 15)              125,087 – 179050
  • CONRAIS 10 (Step 1 – 15)              205673 – 223450
  • CONRAIS 11 (Step 1 – 15)              220384 – 256749
  • CONRAIS 12 (Step 1 – 10)              236578 – 268906
  • CONRAIS 13 (Step 1 – 15)              307826 – 320897
  • CONRAIS 14 (Step 1 – 9)                    353238 – 378008
  • CONRAIS 15 (Step 1 – 8)                    425906 – 501657


NOSDRA Recruitment

Recruitment into the National Agency for the Control of AIDS requires fulfillment of certain requirements. Despite the present embargo on all recruitment exercises into ministries and parastatals by the Federal Government, some ministries still carry out replacement exercises.

Basic Requirements

To get recruited into the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, you must satisfy the following basic requirements.

  1. A Bachelors Degree, or a Diploma in a related field
  2. Possession of NYSC discharge certificate
  3. Possession of a valid means of identity i.e. Voters Card, or National Identity Card.
  4. Other requirements which are deemed fit by the agency.

How to apply

To apply for employment into the National Agency for the Control of AIDS you must apply online through the official website of the agency accessible at www.naca.gov.ng.

Recruitments into the National Agency for the Control of AIDS are announced via online mediums and national dailies as required by law. It is also good to have an insider who can notify you whenever there is an opportunity in the agency.

Note: It should be noted that at the time of writing, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS has not commenced any recruitment.

NACA Management

  • Gambo Aliyu – DG
  • Kayode Ogungbemi – Director, Policy, Planning, and Coordination
  • Kalu Josephine – Director, Resource Mobilization
  • Alex Ogundipe – Director, Community Prevention and Care Services.
  • Greg Ashefor – Director, Surveillance, Research, and M&E.
  • Nsikak Ebong – Director, Admin & Finance.

NACA Abuja office address

The head office of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS is located at;

No. 3, Ziguinchor Street, off IBB Way, behind Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), Wuse zone 4, Abuja.

Phone number: 08091836222, 08091846222.

Email: info@naca.gov.ng


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