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Skye Bank Transfer Code: the complete guide.

by Abbey
Skye Bank location

Skye Bank is a Nigerian bank that was established in September 24, 2018. The bank’s head office is situated at 3 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island. It offers a range of financial services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations with its wide network of branches across the country.

Polaris Bank formerly known as Skye Bank is one of the biggest financial institutions in Nigeria. The change of the bank ownership from Skye bank to Polaris came as a result of the owners taking the bank away from distress.

How to Register a Skye Bank Transfer Code

Bank transfer codes are utilized to carry out inter-bank money transfers and intra-bank transfers of money. Hence, you can use transfer codes to move money from one account to another within the bank. Also, it can be used to move money from a Polaris bank account to another account in another bank.

To complete this process, you need to dial *833* the amount you want to transfer* the recipient account# Afterwards, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Alternatively, you can follow the process,

  1. Dial *833*
  2. Choose 6
  3. Enter the account number
  4. Enter your registered password.
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap send.

Skye Bank

How to check your Sky bank account balance

The first step to take when you want to check your account balance is to dial *833* amount* account number# You have to carry out this step using the phone number you registered to your account. Then you can conclude your transfer process using your transaction PIN.

Alternatively, you can start by dialing *833*6#. Except for a charge of N10 for the transaction.  Further, you can use the transfer codes to update your Bank verification Number (BVN). You can dial *833*5 to complete this process.

Additionally, you can purchase airtime for yourself or others by dialing*833*amount# to complete the process. Finally, you can open an account by using *833*1#. To learn more about what you can do with the bank transfer codes, click here

Sky bank Internet banking procedure

Sky bank or Polaris bank has one of the best internet banking services in Nigeria. It is quick and provides a great user – experience. Further, there are plenty of services offered to clients on the platform.

These services can be finalized easily by the click of a mouse on your computer or by a tap on your phone screen few times. It is also simple and provides convenient services to users. Through the use of internet banking, customers can have constant access to their sky bank accounts at anytime from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

For those who don’t know what the bank’s internet services can do, we shall provide you with a list of transactions you can carry out online.

  1. Bill payments

These include payment of cable TV bills, internet subscriptions, utility bills, etc.

  1. Cash transfers

You can transfer cash from your sky bank account to another sky bank account holder or a different bank using the internet banking system. Also, you can carry out international money transfers.

  1. Airtime purchase and request for new cheque

Through internet banking, you can buy airtime for yourself, your family, and friends. You can request for new checkbook your old one is exhausted.

  1. Blocking of stolen or misplaced cards

You can block your lost or stolen ATM cards through the internet banking system. This will stop further transactions from taking place on your cards. Hence, you can protect your account from criminal elements.

How to use Sky bank mobile banking system

Sky bank mobile application also called SkyeMobile provides a mobile platform for customers to solve whatever issues they have with their account. This application facilities fast transactions and lower the chances of customers coming to the banking hall.

You can use the mobile banking system of the bank to carry out the following services,

  1. Check your account balance.
  2. Control transaction of your ATM card.
  3. Change your PIN
  4. Perform MasterPass transactions.

You should remember that it is compulsory to have an active personal account (savings or current) with Skye Bank and a mobile number that is linked to the account.

Skye Bank


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