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How to withdraw from YouTube in Nigeria [EXPLAINED]

by Abbey
How to withdraw from YouTube in Nigeria

YouTube has become a big deal in Nigeria, and people are actually making a good living out of it. People are traveling because of the YouTube money, and they can live their lives, buy cars, and build houses. It’s not all easy at the beginning, but eventually, some people are able to make it, and that’s what all of us are trying to do. I own a YouTube channel and a blog, so I can tell you about withdrawals from your YouTube account.

Earning Threshold

To withdraw money from your YouTube account, just know that YouTube is going to withhold some of the money. Once you have up to $100, YouTube can authorize you to get that money. But then, they are going to withhold perhaps $15 to $30 from that money as tax for your audience, who happen to be from the US. If your audiences are not from the US, YouTube won’t deduct this 30% tax. So, if you make $100 on YouTube, you are probably going to get maybe $80 to $70, depending on whatever YouTube wants to quote at that particular point in time.

Setting Up a Domiciliary Account

So, after that money has been made, I want to assume that you have a domiciliary account. If you don’t have a domiciliary account, you need to open a domiciliary account with most of the commercial banks in Nigeria. Our advice is that you can use UBA Bank; they have been very effective thus far for me.

So, once that money gets into your commercial bank, your bank is going to give you an alert that the money has come into your account. From here, you need to figure out how you want to get your money out of the bank.

Withdrawal Options

The thing is, if you have a lot of money in your bank accounts, it’s not going to be easy for you to withdraw physical dollars out of the account because most of the banks in Nigeria don’t have dollars. But if you want to withdraw $100, $200, or $300, they can give you that money in cash. We made a separate blog post on how much you can make from YouTube in Nigeria.

So, you walk into your bank, you get a withdrawal slip, and you write how much you want to withdraw. It’s a long process. It’s not like withdrawing normal cash. For USD withdrawal, they just keep making you pass through hoops. You can spend two or three hours to withdraw even $100 from a Nigerian bank these days.

But just keep in mind that you get your money at the end of the day, and you can take that money to any exchange. They can exchange the money for you. In fact, sometimes you can meet people who are exchanging money right inside the bank. They ask if you want to exchange money. And then they give you the naira right there inside the bank. So that is also possible, but I won’t advise it as they don’t give you the true rate.

Additional Withdrawal Options

So, once you make your withdrawal, you can exchange it to Nigeria, and then you can start spending your money. Or you can withdraw when you have your money. You can have a USD-based card, which I also have, and you can use that card to make purchases. Maybe you want to buy crypto, or you want to shop on Amazon, or you want to shop on AliExpress. You don’t need to be converting from naira-dollar; you can just use that card straight up and buy whatever you want to buy.

Direct Bank Transfers

The other way to withdraw money as a YouTuber in Nigeria is by making a direct bank transfer. Now, to do a direct bank transfer, the only way that is going to work is if the person you are transferring to has the same bank. They have to have a dollar account. You can have a Zenith Bank dollar account. The person you are transferring money to must also have a Zenith bank account.

You don’t want to transfer from Zenith Bank to First Bank. That transaction might hang in the air; you might never see your money again. So, if you want to transfer through a dollar transfer from one bank to another, please make sure that they are the same bank.


So, that’s another way that you can withdraw all your YouTube earnings. And then, you can start enjoying your money that you worked so hard to get. I hope I’m able to answer your question. I definitely have; it’s something I’m very familiar with. So, see me in the comments section if you have more questions. Thank you.


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