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Best YouTube Channels in Nigeria [Based on Categories]

by Abbey
Best YouTube Channels in Nigeria

I want to discuss the idea of who we think are the best YouTube channels in Nigeria. This is not your usual top 10 list of the most watched or most subscribed YouTube channels in the country.

Today, we have decided to do something very different from what other blogs are doing. We have chosen to provide you with 10 different categories of content that we know Nigerians watch. In each of those categories, we want to select the absolute best Nigerian YouTuber who best represents that category.

So, this is not a topic about who has the largest number of subscribers. This is a topic about who we believe has done the best job over the years in their respective categories.

1. Science and Technology – Fisayo Fosudo with 570,000 subscribers

Fisayo has been part of the YouTube scene for as long as anyone can remember, and he’s one of the pioneering tech YouTubers in Nigeria. He began with phones, as most tech YouTubers typically do, and has since moved on to gadgets. He has produced some fantastic videos over the years and has partnered with various tech brands throughout Nigeria.

Fisayo Fosudo is unquestionably the embodiment of tech YouTube in Nigeria, and we will place him squarely in that tech space.

2. Travel – Tayo Aino with 717,000 subscribers

Tayo Aino is someone I personally admire. I appreciate the way he presents his videos and the way he speaks. Tayo Aino is a video maker first and a travel vlogger second. Tayo Aino excels in using gadgets to tell a compelling story and provides an excellent Nigerian voiceover, even though some people occasionally criticize it. But this is YouTube, and people will always have differing opinions about your work.

Tayo Aino has traveled to numerous countries worldwide for holidays and working holidays, and he is undoubtedly one of the top travel YouTube channels, even in Africa.

3. Music – CKay with 3.8 million subscribers

CKay might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of a YouTube music artist in Nigeria, but he holds the top spot in terms of subscriber count outside the popular names. CKay has achieved significant success and produces music videos that resonate with audiences in Nigeria, West Africa, and beyond. CKay’s music is always on my playlist. I enjoy listening to his tracks frequently.

This isn’t just because I personally like CKay, but because he is genuinely outstanding, and the numbers speak for themselves.

4. Comedy – Family the Honest with 6.1 million subscribers

This YouTube channel may not have the highest number of subscribers in Nigeria, but it’s the most-viewed YouTube channel in the country, with over five billion views. Mark Angel Comedy might lead in terms of subscriber count, but Family the Honest has consistently created more videos over the years.

The challenge with YouTube comedy channels is that they can become tiresome over time, and that’s happening to Makinja and Family the Honest. However, the excellent work they’ve done over the years still sets them apart, and people continue to watch them.

5. News – Channels TV with 2.8 million subscribers

Channels TV is one of the most intelligent and forward-thinking TV channels in Nigeria. Back when people weren’t even making money on YouTube, Channels TV was already on the platform in 2011, producing content. Over the years, Channels TV has created over 200,000 pieces of content on YouTube.

They bring in the best analysts, heads of state, and many celebrities. They wield significant influence in the Nigerian news space, and they are my personal number one favorite.

6. Nollywood Entertainment – Nollywood Pictures TV with 2.8 million subscribers

Nollywood is a massive film industry, not just in Nigeria, but worldwide. Nollywood Pictures TV represents this Nigerian film industry to the global audience. People anywhere in the world can easily access YouTube and search for the latest Nigerian movies, and they’re sure to find something to watch on Nollywood Pictures TV.

These creators have been around for a long time, consistently producing brilliant films in-house, and they’ve rightfully earned their spot.

7. Gospel Music – Ada Ehi with 1.7 million subscribers

Ada Ehi wasn’t someone I knew until I began researching for this blog post. She has carved out her place in the gospel music niche, producing videos where she performs her songs.

She has demonstrated unwavering dedication over the years, and it is now paying off for her. She’s found success on YouTube, and her subscriber count reflects that.

8. People and Blogs – Brother Shaggy with 1.8 million subscribers

Brother Shaggy has been part of the YouTube scene for a while and has effectively leveraged his talents to create something special. He may not be the most talented individual out there, but he knows how to utilize his skills and expand on them.

With 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s evident that people appreciate what he does. Brother Shaggy is undoubtedly one of the standout creators in the people and blog category.

9. Religion – Pastor Jerry Eze

Pastor Jerry may not be as well-known as some of the prominent pastors in Nigeria or Africa, such as Pastor David Oyedepo or the leader of Dunamis International. However, he represents a new generation of pastors who have harnessed social media to reach a broader audience.

He leads in the religion category, with millions of subscribers and viewers tuning in to his live shows and supporting his work.

10. Animation – OSJ Troubleson with 140,000 subscribers

This animation channel is proudly Nigerian, using Nigerian English, mannerisms, and settings. Many YouTube channels claim to be Nigerian but lack genuine Nigerian essence. OSJ Troubleson creates Nigerian-themed animations, and they have achieved success in doing so. We take pride in their accomplishments.

That concludes our overview of the best YouTube channels in Nigeria. If you have any surprises in this list that you didn’t expect, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


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