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The top 10 tech blogs in Nigeria

by Abbey
tech blogs in nigeria

1. Techcabal

It currently sits on top of the list of the best tech blogs in Nigeria. The blogs focuses on the area of InfoTech. It is developed to bring tech lovers together to share their various insight on recent technological trends. https://techcabal.com/

tech blogs in nigeria

2. Naijatechguide

Happens to be one of the oldest tech blogs in operation in the country. This blog focuses on reviews of tech trends and sometimes prices comparisons of tech gadgets and other electronics. https://www.naijatechguide.com/

tech blogs in nigeria

3. Missytechy

Developed by arguably the most influential female tech blogger in Nigeria, this blog focuses on tech product reviews and tech trends discussions. https://misstechy.com/

tech blogs in  nigeria

4. Techtrends

This we skye provides up-to-date information on various software, tech trends, telecommunication development, mobile technology and other news and interviews. This explains why it is one of the best tech blogs in the country. http://www.techtrendsng.com/

5. Techcity

It has been earmarked as the first tech blog that focused solely on providing tech news, trend and reviews. It provides a platform to showcase the various tech ideas you might be nursing. https://www.techcityng.com/

tech blogs in  nigeria

6. Techpoint

Techpoint persists as one of the most visited tech blogs in the country till date. It concentrates on tech issues and trends, gadgets reviews and descriptions, tech and fintech start-ups and many more. https://techpoint.africa/

7. Ogbongeblog

An outstanding blog amongst tech enthusiasts in the country. It provides reliable news on technology innovations around the world. https://www.ogbongeblog.com/

tech blogs in  nigeria

8. Specsprice

A very secure website for gadgets prices and users reviews. It gives information about startups and mobile data plans too. You can find them here https://www.facebook.com/specspriceng/

9. Geek Nigeria

A very friendly tech website that contains a guide on almost everything you need as regards tech (Check our highly rated guide on software engineering); these include, fixing hardware and software issues of your gadgets. https://www.doncaprio.com/amp/

tech blogs in  nigeria

10. Wizzytechs

provides information on mobile data plans, game updates, operating system and all other hardware and software related issues. https://www.wizytechs.com/?m=1


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