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Everything you need to know about AbokiFX Nigeria

by Abbey

AbokiFX is Nigeria’s leading online trading website, which has become a hub for daily updates and information on the parallel market (black market) foreign exchange rate for the Nigerian Naira.

AbokiFX is a company registered in the UK with one director, Olusegun Adedotun Oniwinde. Since 2016, after the first economic recession in 25 years arrived unannounced, the five-year-old website has become a reference point for Nigerians.

AbokiFx is totally different from other websites that renders the same type of service. It has become the most prominent website where news concerning the foreign exchange sector in Nigeria is published daily. It currently receives 28,844 visitors daily, 40,382 page views and is ranked at 54,737 in the internet world. This stats is from the recent Alexa traffic ranking for the year 2020. The website is ranked number one on Google for the most search FX agency in Nigeria.

On the platform, you can find daily news updates on currencies from both local and international news firms as well as charts mapping trends in the foreign exchange market over long time periods.

AbokiFx, which is the most referenced platform to get live exchange rates provides users with daily naira FX rates against the USD (dollars), GBP (pound sterling), EUR (euro) and other currencies like GHS (Ghana Cedi) etc. It has an inbuilt calculator that helps in currencies conversion.

The online website is also, a one-stop destination for daily bank ATM rates, Ghana BDC rates, Lagos BDC rates, CBN rates, Market FX news, MoneyGram rates, Western Union and also, the Aboki street news. It features a direct connection to the official Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rates. Users are able to know what the CBN rates are while checking the parallel market (black market) rates. This provides the users of the AbokiFX platform to make preferred choices when trading.

Who is the founder/owner of AbokiFX?

The founder/owner of the AbokiFX platform is Mr Olusegun Adedotun Oniwinde. He is a Chartered Accountant from South Ockendon Essex. Mr Olusegun was born in September 1975, and will be 45 years ago by September, 2020.

This chartered accountant is associated with at least 4 companies namely; Boaz Associates Limited, Esther’s Limited, ES Merchant Limited and AbokiFX, a company he founded in the 2015.

As at January 2020, He has ownership of shares from 75 – 100 percent and has the right to remove and appoint directors.

He is a British and resident in England with his family.

Companies associated with Mr Olusegun had at least £2,002 shareholder value and £28,087 cash in recent accounts.

How to Access AbokiFx Online Platform

The public can easily access the AbokiFX website by simply visiting www.abokifx.com using an internet connected device.

With its user friendly interface, one can use the various navigation boxes to access different sections on the website including the parallel market rates, CBN rates, BDC, ATM rates and the rest.

How to download AbokiFX app apk for android and how to download the iOS app on the app store

AbokiFX, recently developed an app which users can use in accessing information’s that are also hosted on their official website. The app is available for download for android devices on Google play store and also, for iOS device, it can be found on App store. It’s easy to use.




https:// itunes.apple.com/us/app/abokifx/id1205477397?ls=1&mt=8

The AbokiFx website automatically detects the most compatible version of its mobile app for various smart devices ranging from phones, tabs etc. Downloading the app from the different stores is FREE.

What is the AbokiFX Dollar Exchange Rate in Nigeria today?

The exchange rate for Naira to Dollar on the Aboki FX app is at ₦ 362.318 to $ 1

This rate can be found on the AbokiFx site, although it fluctuates daily, it’s advisable to check the website daily.

Aboki Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Pounds to Naira conversion rate

As at 21/02/2020, the rates for the leading currencies were as follows:

Quotes: *morning **midday ***evening








Source: AbokiFx

 It is easier to obtain information on the mapping charts between the Naira and listed currencies, ATM rates from banks such as GTBank and Access Bank, CBN regulated rates, parallel market prices and also, rates charged by top global money service agencies like Western Union and MoneyGram.

How to get the AbokiFX API

Users can now purchase the AbokiFX API using the link below


To order your api, simply order it by sending a message to marketing@abokifx.com

AbokiFX VS BDC Mallam rate, which is better?

Aboki FX is regarded as the perfect place to get the exchange rate between the Nigerian Naira to Dollar, pounds to naira and Naira to Euro in the black market (parallel market) compared to the bureau de change mallam’s rates due to a lots of reasons.

The website also has a designated portion for the official Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rates for foreign currencies such as the dollar, pounds, euro, Turkish lira etc. this cannot be found when using the BDC mallam rates.

Sites like AbokiFx prevents it users from the potentiality of errors and losses due to uncertainties or lack of adequate knowledge. Its exchange rate for leading currencies are always quoted 3 times daily to prevent such from happening. It also allows one to know businesses that have been sanctioned by the CBN in the forex exchange market.

One feature of the AbokiFX where is arguably best is the currency conversion calculator, with this calculator users can know the exact amount of a particular leading currency you would for a specified amount of Naira.

Recently, it has enabled the crypto currency tab with which users can get conversion rates for crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and others listed on the AbokiFX website.  This feature was updated on the website in 2019.

Also, the ATM rates tab of the website provides one with an idea of the exchange rates that are given by banks like gtbank, access bank, zenith bank and others to their customers. This is done under close supervision of the CBN, bureau de change mallams can’t provide users with such features.

AbokiFX contact number and other means of reaching them.

User can contact AbokiFX Company using any of the following

Enquires: info@abokifx.com

ATM Rates: atm@abokifx.com

Marketing: marketing@abokifx.com

Research: research@abokifx.com

On the app, there’s also a contact page to report issues to the agency.


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