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IPPIS Number: A Guide

Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System

IPPIS Number

To check your IPPIS number, choose employee category, select your rank, enter your civilian, AP, or force number, and click on ‘show’ to reveal your IPPIS data page/

Visit to find out more details about checking your IPPIS number.

IPPIS Meaning

Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information (IPPIS) was implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria as one of the Transformation Agenda.

It was designed to create a centralized database system for Nigeria Public Service. The Federal Government created this initiative to update and retrieve personnel information and records, and improve effective storage. IPPIS maintains central efficient administration in all Federal Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll administrations for MDAs. IPPIS facilitates human resources planning, ends payroll fraud, monitors monthly staff payment, facilitates updating, easy storage, and retrieving personnel records, and a host of others.

IPPIS Payslip

Using the IPPIS payslip app, you can generate payslips by selecting the payroll option.

IPPIS Verification

The Federal Civil Service has invited workers to update their records online. This will be done through IPPIS’s registration portal.

Below are some of the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) that are involved in the Federal Government’s online verification.

Federal Ministry of Justice

Federal Ministry of Education

Federal Ministry of Power, Works, and Housing

Federal Ministry of Information

Bureau of Public Procurement

Federal Ministry of Science and Technology

Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the IPPIS verification exercise, you are required to input your IPPIS number and registration token.

To generate the IPPIS registration verification token, visit, click on ‘Generate token’ and fill the displayed form.

IPPIS Update

The Federal Government has called for all civil servants to update their personal records on IPPIS portal.

 IPPIS Registration

To register for the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information, kindly visit

IPPIS Verification Login

To log in for IPPIS verification, visit:

 IPPIS Login, IPPIS Nigeria

Log in using your username and passwords. To access this page, kindly visit:

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