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[Hard Facts] How Safe for White Woman to Travel to Nigeria

by Abbey

An Overview of The Current Safety Situation In Nigeria

The Nigerian situation in terms of security no doubt is quite a mess. For upwards of 10 years, Nigeria has been under siege from a growing class of bandits terrorizing different parts of the country.

These range from kidnappers, Boko Haram, and the most recent of all, is the Fulani herdsmen. Statistics show that almost no region in the country has been spared from the atrocities meted out by these criminals.

So the question is: Just how safe is the country for foreigners who may want to travel in for one reason (See top 5 reasons why foreigners come to Nigeria) or the other? To answer that question, we need to put a few factors into consideration.

Firstly, the high insecurity in Nigeria hasn’t stopped foreigners from living and working in various parts of the country.

Does this mean it is completely safe for foreigners to travel into the country? The honest answer to that is NO. Nonetheless, here are some anecdotes to help dispel some of the misconceptions of insecurity in Nigeria:

  1. The North-Eastern part of Nigeria has been the most victimized of all the regions.
  2. The North-East has the highest number of casualties from Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen attacks.
  3. The Fulani Herdsmen activities have been relatively negligible in the other 5 geo-political zones in the country. This is of course with the exception of a few parts of the North-Central region (Plateau, Taraba, and Benue States precisely).
  4. There hasn’t been a recorded case of bomb blasts outside of the North-Eastern part of the country in 7 years.
  5. There also hasn’t been a reported case of any foreigner being kidnapped for ransom in any part of the country since 2014.

From the points highlighted above, it is obvious that not every single location in the country is rife with high levels of insecurity. The brunt of all the atrocities has been centered more in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.

What Safety Cautions Should Be Taken By a White Woman Travelling Into Nigeria?

For a white woman traveling into Nigeria for casual or business reasons, here are a few tips to adhere to remain safe:

1. Don’t Travel Across State Lines At Night

Most interstate roads across Nigeria are usually unsafe in the night hours. So if you must travel, endeavor to make your trips during the day. It is also advisable to avoid long trips. Where long trips are inevitable, break your journey and lodge in a hotel as soon it starts to get dark.

2. Avoid Slums, Ghettos, and Poor Neighborhoods Without Company

Avoid going into poor neighborhoods, slums, and ghettos without the company of a trusted guide (preferably an indigene of the area). Any lurking threats will be put at bay with the presence of an escort.

3. Generally, Stick To Uber or Bolt

If you are moving around your business within any metropolis in Nigeria, avoid using public mass transportation. Always seek the services of transport services such as Uber or Bolt. There are generally safer and drivers of such services are most times educated and courteous.

4. Avoid The North East Of Nigeria

For whatever reason, do not go to the North-Eastern part of the country. Avoid this area completely as it is very volatile and considered a high-risk zone.

5. Stick To Good Hotels

Avoid cheap hotels sited in remote areas as these kinds of hotels are usually the target for miscreants and robbers. Some cheap hotel owners and staff even connive with criminals to swindle unsuspecting customers. For your safety and that of your property, it is best to go for a good hotel in the heart of the city. Although such hotels may at a high cost, it’s a good bargain at the end of the day when considering the upsides.

6. Be Mindful of The Company You Keep

You should not entertain every single gesture handed to you. Yes, it is fine to be courteous to the people of your host country. But sometimes, this can be dangerous as not every person has a good intention. Only entertain just few people you can completely trust.

Foreign Media Bias Towards The Actual Security Situation

The foreign media has not been very helpful when it comes to reports concerning the insecurity situation in the country. While some reports have been lopsided, some have been blown completely out of proportion. Now, in the era of fake news, some foreign news agencies have also gone to the extent of peddling false news with ulterior motives.

There are also constant cases of killings and mayhem that go on even in developed countries like the US, but they do not get reported as such.

Nigeria may be experiencing high levels of insecurity at the moment, but it is not all a deterrent for foreigners who may be interested in coming into the country.


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