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[Factual Analysis] Is Nigeria safe for Indians?

by Abbey
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Nigeria and India are some of the most popular countries in the world. At the least, they have nothing in common. While Nigeria has over 200 million inhabitants. India has around 1.3 billion. Indians generally come to Nigeria for work, business or leisure. There are about 55,000 Nigerians in India while they are about 35,000 Indians in Nigeria.

This article will discuss how safe Nigeria (See how safe Nigeria is for white people) is for Indians.

Where Indians work in Nigeria

Oil Refinery

The Dangote refinery is the place that is employing the bulk of the Indians in Nigeria. This refinery costs 13 billion dollars and is going to be the biggest refinery in the world and is being facilitated by Africa’s richest man.

This refinery has employed thousands of Indians and its fertilizer section has already started production.

Cement factory

The Obajana cement factory is located in Kogi State, and is also owned by Dangote. The factory, which is been essentially run by Indians have also attracted Indian engineers and technicians over the years.

Plastic products production

Production of plastic products is another area that Indians have planted themself in. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and other plastic products are another sector that you find a lot of Indians.

Aviation sector(Dana Group)

The Dana Group which is a wholly Indian company that has been operating in Nigeria for years. This company also attracts lots of Indian personnel who come to work in the industry as expats.

Metal industry

This can be in the form of production of metals and also in the recycle of metal or iron products. These types of facilities are usually situated in places far away from town, and Indians have been known to essentially go where the money is.

Assessing safety for Indians

Theft of property

Theft is something that is common in every country, it doesn’t matter if it’s a first or third world country. Indians as well as Locals are susceptible to theft but in general, this is something that is reducing over the years as most foreigners as policing has significantly improved over the years. Moreso, most places are usually gated communities with their own security in place.
So as an Indian, you do not have to worry about your property. Moreover, everybody has the same problem and it has been checked significantly over the years.

Threat to life

It should be noted that in Nigeria, there has never been a recorded killing of any Indian in the country. This is in contrast to the situation of Nigerians living in India.

So Indians are definitely not scared of losing their lives. If you are in Nigeria, that shouldn’t even bother you at all. However, if you have a health emergency as an indian in Nigeria, you are better off going back to India for treatment as the healthcare system in India is a better than Nigeria.


Nigerians are generally fascinated by foreigners and it is normal for you as an indian to be given a preferential treatment as compared to locals.

There is surely no incidences of racism in Nigeria towards india and if you are an indian reading this article, I plead with you to tell your people back home to treat Africans more humanely in your country as clearly, Africans do not put you through any form of racism in their own country.

Indians are free in Nigeria, perhaps, a lot more free in thier country especially in the age of corona virus and the restrictions that are in place in India.


This is also an issue in Nigeria that happens rather infrequently. It should be noted that Indians live amongst the locals in Nigeria and instances of kidnap of Indians or even foreigners are rare.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of Indians in Nigeria. They are trooping in daily and even at the height of the corona virus pandemic, Indians were coming into Nigeria en masse. If the country wasn’t safe for them they surely wouldn’t come. If there was no good business for them to do or good work, they wouldn’t come either.

If you’re an Indian, I think you should take of the opportunity that you have and come to Nigeria, see things for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can always go back but I guarantee you that you’re going to be safe in Nigeria.

Moreso, you wouldn’t feel any bit out of place as the locals are welcoming and we have a thriving indian community especially in the ilupeju area of the lagos mainland.

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