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A Succinct Guide to the Joint Tax Board (JTB)

by Maryam AbdulWahab
Joint Tax Board

Joint Tax Board Nigeria: A Brief Background

Joint Tax Board was set up to promote the advancement of the tax administration in Nigeria. It mainly deals with the harmonization of Personal Income Tax administration in the country.

Joint Tax Board: TIN

Tax Identification Number is a vital document in the life of an individual and a business person. Since every Nigeria is expected to pay taxes, TIN becomes a legal obligation on the citizens of the country. Organizations and individuals use Tax Identification Number for the purpose of tax payment. Every employed individual in Nigeria needs to apply for the Tax Identification Number if their organisation generates income and profit.

The application for TIN is free of charge. No third party can make use of an official taxpayer’s TIN.

Joint Tax Board: TIN Registration

Based on your NIN (National Identity Number) and BVN (Bank Verification Number), you are automatically assigned with a Tax Identification Number.

Incorporated Trustees, MDAs, Limited Liability Companies, Enterprises, Trade Associations, and a host of others, can also register for their Tax Identification.

This can be done by visiting www.tin.jtb.gov.ng.

Once your request has been verified and approved, the TIN certification will be sent to the email address used for registration.

Tax Identification Number

Joint Tax Board: Official Website

To access the Joint Tax Board’s official website, visit www.jtb.gov.ng.

Joint Tax Board: TIN Verification Portal

Verification of your Tax Identification Number can be done using your registered phone number, Bank Verification Number, and date of birth to search.

To check if you have an existing Tax Identification Number, visit www.tinverification.jtb.gov.ng.

Joint Tax Board Office in Lagos

JTB’s office in Lagos is located at The Good Shepherd Building, Block H, Plot H1, Opp. Lagos State Secretariat Main Gate, Alausa, Ikeja.


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