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[VERIFIED] Size of Nigeria compared to the USA

by Abbey

Location of the USA on the world map

USA is located on the Western hemisphere when viewed on the map. Its longitude and latitudinal coordinates are 37.0902° N, 95.7129° W. USA is bounded on the north side by Canada. While on the south, it is bounded by the South American country of Mexico. USA and Canada are the only two countries that make up what is known as the continent of North America.

map of usa showing all states

Map of USA

USA is currently made up of 50 states. To the west of the US, you will find the North Pacific Ocean. On the east, USA is bounded by the North Atlantic Ocean.

Location of Nigeria on the world map

Africa is located at the center of the world map, which consequently puts Nigeria in a similar bearing.  Its longitude and latitudinal coordinates are 9.0820° N, 8.6753° E. Nigeria is located to the west of the continent of Africa. It is bounded to the North by the North-African country of Niger Republic.

Map of nigeria

Map of Nigeria

While to the north-east, Nigeria is bounded by Chad, which is also a North-African nation. On the west however, Nigeria is bounded by Benin Republic with Cameroon to its eastern border. Subsequently, Nigeria is bounded on its southern border by the Atlantic Ocean.

Side by side comparison of the USA and Nigeria drawn to scale

Side by side comparison of the USA and Nigeria drawn to scale

USA (blue) and Nigeria (pink)

Super imposing of the USA and Nigeria maps

Side by side comparison of the USA and Nigeria drawn to scale

Is the USA is the same size of Nigeria?

When measured to scale, USA is approximately 10 times the size of Nigeria in land mass. Both places are clearly not of the same size.

Population demographics of Nigeria as compared to the USA

The population of the United States of America (Compare the relative location of Africa and the USA) is approximately 329.5 million according to a 2020 statistics. Nigeria on the other hand has a population of about 206.1 million according to the last count.

GDP comparison of both places

The US currently has a GDP of 20.94 trillion USD. Nigeria’s GDP is estimated at around 432.3 billion USD according to a 2020 statistics by the World Bank.

Unique Things They Both Share Together

Nigeria and the USA differ broadly in a lot of ways. From geographical location, land mass, to population size and density. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things both nations have in common. We will describe a few of them below.


Nigeria and USA are one of the only countries that are broken down into many states, each having a capital city. USA currently has 50 states, while Nigeria has 36 states.

Cultural diversity

Both countries are made of multiple ethnicities. Nigeria for instance is made up of over 250 ethnic groups, the major ones being the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo ethnicities. There are other minority groups in Nigeria to include Ijaw, Bini, Tiv, Ibibio, Efik, and Fulani, etc.

USA is split across both racial and ethnic lines. The three major racial groups include White, Black, Asiatic, and Hispanics. The white makeups consist of descendants from different parts of Europe, while Blacks in America can trace their roots to Africa.

The Asiatic racial groups are made up of people from the Asian continent. Hispanics or Latinos on the other hand are descendants of South American origin. These include countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia, Dominican Republic, and Peru, etc.

The USA is also composed of other minority ethnic make-ups to include Amerindian and Alaska Native, Native Indians, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander, etc.


The weather in both countries differ in many ways, however, they still share some unique similarities. USA on one hand has four main seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Spring starts around Feb and ends in May. Summer begins around May and ends in September. Autumn season is usually the shortest, and is the transition between summer and winter. The winter season can begin anywhere from late November and last up till February of the following year.

Subsequently, Nigeria has only two main seasons: dry season and raining season. However, both seasons can each be sub-divided into two categories. For instance, the dry season begins around October and last till March, while the raining season starts around April and ends in September.

Nigeria and USA share some similarities in weather at various points within the year. Take for instance the spring time in USA, which is the time between winter and summer. This period typically consist of longer days and may include light rain shower in-between. The weather experience around this period in Nigeria is almost similar. Both countries also share similarities between the months of May and September. This is usually summer time in the USA and rainy season in Nigeria. Both periods are typically tropical and consist of both heavy sunshine and heavy rainfall.

The winter in the US is synonymous with the harmattan season in Nigeria, simply for the cold temperature around that time of the year.

Natural Disaster

The US experiences more in terms of natural disaster than Nigeria. But both countries still share some commonalities. These include flooding, whirlwinds, and drought etc.


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