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Is Africa of Western Culture [An Analysis of Africa and Culture]

by Abbey

Although there is no definite figure on the number of ethnic groups in Africa, thousands of ethnic groups exist in Africa, most of these ethnic groups are defined by their history, religion, culture and languages.

Africa is a continent of diverse people; it has been the bedrock of human civilization. Despite its diversity, majority of Africa is racially black. Understandably, race has become an important point of reference for African culture, and a means of differentiating it from other societies.

African culture is deeply rooted in traditional religious beliefs, respect for the aged, and a strong family system. African culture extends beyond the continental African, its influences are also felt among African immigrants in the diaspora.

Africans have always been friendly people, this explains how fast Africans adapt to other cultures and how African countries are increasingly becoming westernized. However, there is a rise in the clamor for the recovery of African cultures in society.

Is Africa western culture or Eastern Culture?

Western culture or western lifestyle is a broad term that has seen increased usage in describing the social norms, heritage, values, political systems, belief systems, and technological advancements of European origin. The term ‘west’ is both used to define the geography of the European people and their cultural identity regardless of their location.

Western Culture is heavily influenced by Celtic, Germanic, French, Greek, Jewish, Latin philosophies as well as Christianity.  Western culture has emancipated over the years to encourage rational thoughts, freethought, and scholasticism. It is a melting point of science, Christianity, humanism, and mysticism.

Africa is neither Western nor Eastern culture as Africa has a culture of its own called the African Culture. Although Africa is made of diverse ethnicity, the most widely accepted culture in Africa is called the UBUNTU Culture. Ubuntu is the African culture of reciprocity, harmony, humanity, compassion and dignity with the aim  of living in a peaceful and just society. Ubuntu is more than a culture, it defines both the spirituality and ethic of all African societies. 

Although African culture has been heavily influenced by European culture due to largely slavery and immigration, Africans still maintain a distinct cultural stand from Europe. African is largely a conservative society in contrast to the European society which is liberal.

Africa shares land borders with both Eastern and Western Cultures and has seen a significant westernization and easternization of its culture, the cultural stand of Africa is still distinct from that of the West and East.

African culture and its relationship with western culture

The San people of Africa

The San people of Africa

Every culture has a unique identity that separates it from other cultures, these unique differences are defined by norms, customs, and beliefs. The African culture is gradually fading away especially among young people due to the influences of western culture through movies, tv shows, and music.

Africans are gradually adopting western ways of life. For example, the western form of marriage has been adopted in many African countries due to the influence of Euro-Christian culture. African culture and Western cultures are closely interrelated in terms of Religion, and system of governance, even the democracy we practice today is a European import.

What is the concept of eastern and western culture?

The Chinese has contributed to the Prominence of Asia

The Chinese have contributed significantly to the Prominence of Asia. China is an Eastern culture.

The term ‘Eastern Culture’ is used to refer to social norms and customs, beliefs, and political systems of Asian origin. The eastern culture covers a wide scope in terms of geography and history and it is not limited to Asian countries alone. Eastern culture is heavily influenced by religious groups such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shenism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Western Culture on the other hand is used to describe customs, beliefs, social norms, political systems of European origin. The term ‘west’ is not limited only by geography, it is used to describe Europeans wherever they live. This also includes USA, Canada and Australia.

Explain eastern and western culture [Features, geography, and beliefs]

Christianity has contributed significantly to the culture and history of Europe.

Christianity has contributed significantly to the culture and history of Europe.

Eastern cultures refer to beliefs and social norms of Asian origin. Eastern culture is deeply rooted in religious beliefs and a strong family system. Western Culture is used to describe the way of life of Europeans wherever they live.

Unlike Easterners, Westerners are liberal, things such as sex and other sensitive reproductive issues which a considered taboo by Easterners can be discussed openly by Westerners. Also, in the East there is a strong regard for family living, unlike in the West most children leave home at a young age to live alone.

Also, geographically most of the western culture is located or originated from continental Europe, while eastern culture is of Asian origin.

Is South Africa western culture

Although South Africa has a significant White population, the number is too small for it to be considered a Western country.

However, South Africa has been heavily influenced by Western ways of life due to years of Apartheid, no wonder South Africa has become a hotbed of western liberal policies.

Is Africa considered Western

Africa is not a Western country, and or culture, although western ways of life have increasingly become common among Africans especially in urban areas, Africa is still far from becoming a truly Western country at least in the European sense.

Why is Western culture better than African culture and vice versa

Both Western and African cultures have their advantages, we can’t conclude on which one is the best, however below are the three reasons why both cultures are good;

African culture

  • African encourages moral standards and behaviors.
  • African culture encourages regard for the poor and aged.
  • It encourages an organized societal stratum.

European culture

  • European culture encourages independence.
  • European culture encourages punctuality (time culture), leading to more productivity.
  • European culture encourages rationality, transparency, and accountability.


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