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Nigeria vs Washington DC [Accurate Size Comparison]

Washington DC

Washington DC
Washington DC map

Washington DC which is also known as the District of Columbia is the capital city of the United States of America and also the city in the pacific northwest of the Western United States of America. The state hosts important buildings such as the Capitol building, the White House, and others.

The entire state is called the District of Columbia. DC was created by congress in 1790 to serve as the official seat of government. Washington DC has a total landmass of 177km2 and a population of about 712,000 residents.


Map of Nigeria
Map of Nigeria

Nigeria which is known officially as the Federal Republic of Nigeria has its political capital in Abuja and economic capital in Lagos. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and has also been ranked as the most populous black nation on earth with an estimated population of over 200 million people.

Geographically, Nigeria is located between the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the Sahel to the North. Nigeria borders the Niger Republic to the North, the Republic of Chad to the Northeast, Cameroon to the East, and the Republic of Benin to the West.

Side by Side Comparison of Nigeria and Washington DC

Nigeria vs Washingto
Nigeria(L) and Washington DC(R)

With a landmass of 923, 756 km2, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is  about 5 times or 435% bigger than Washington DC in the United States which has a landmass of 184,665km2.

How many Washington DC can fit into Nigeria

Washington DC and Nigeria Compared

Based on the total land mass of both countries,  and by observation from the superimposed image above, we can  fit in about 4.5 (four and half) Washington DC into Nigeria.

Population Demographics of Nigeria as compared to that of Washington DC

District of Columbia in which Washington is located has a total population of about 7 million people according to the United States Bureau of Statistics.

For Nigeria, the population dynamics are entirely different. Ranked as the most populous country in Africa and the largest black nation. The World Bank projects Nigeria’s Population to be about 206million with an annual growth rate of 5 million as of 2020.

GDP of Washington DC

Although Washington is not officially a state in the United States of America, the DC area boasts of a GDP of about $144,554.8 billion as of 2020, according to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis.

GDP of Nigeria

Nigeria has been ranked as the biggest economy in Africa. Although the Covid19 Pandemic has affected all its economic sectors, including Oil which is the economic mainstay, Nigeria’s GDP grew by 0.51% in the first quarter of 2021 according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics 2021 report.

As of 2021, Nigeria has a GDP of $432B which is 2.4 times bigger than that of Washington DC.

5 Facts about Washington DC

  1. The state of Washington is the largest producer of Apples in the United States.
  2. The King County in the state of Washington was initially named after William R. King before it was renamed after Dr. Martin Luther King, the leader of the civil rights movement.
  3. Washington is the home to the Microsoft Corporation. The company is located in Redmond, DC.
  4. The first European settlement in Washington was New Market (now Tum Water) in 1846.
  5. The Grand Coulee Dam, which is the largest Dam in the United States was constructed during the great depression in 1941 to increase hydroelectric production. It is located in Washington DC.

5 Facts about Nigeria

  1. More than 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria: Nigeria doesn’t only have a large population but also prides itself as the most diverse country in Africa. Although the major languages are Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba, there are hundreds of other languages such as Kanuri, Tiv, Nupe, Fulanis, Berom, Jukun, Idoma, etc.
  2. More than 75 % use social media: Based on its status as the most industrialized country in Africa, Nigeria has a large percentage of its population online on majorly Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities on Earth: Although Lagos is more popular, Abuja which was designed to serve as the administrative capital is growing at a very face pace. As of 2020, the population of Abuja has been estimated to be about 7 million people.
  4. Life expectancy is just 55.4 years: Nigerian has one of the lowest life expectancies on earth, due to poverty, high infant mortality, and poor healthcare.
  5. The Eagle is the National animal of Nigeria.

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