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Actual Size of Nigeria compared to Texas

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Nigeria which is known officially as the Federal Republic of Nigeria has its political capital in Abuja and economic capital in Lagos. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and has also been ranked as the most populous black nation on earth with an estimated population of over 200 million people.

By land size, Nigeria is the 32nd largest country on Earth with a total land area of 923,769 km2 or 356,669sq mi. With this figure, Nigeria is estimated to have an estimated population density of about 218 persons per km2 (218/km2).

map of nigeria

map of Nigeria


Texas which is also known as the ‘lone star state is a state located in the South-Central region of the United States of America with its capital in Austin. Texas is the second largest state in the United States by land area with a total land area of 695,662 sq km or 268, 596. It is also the largest state in terms of population after the state of California with a population of 29.1 million residents.

map of texas

A map showing Texas

Side by side comparison of Texas and Nigeria drawn to scale

nigeria and texas map

Texas (L) and Nigeria (R)

When we compare the total land area of both areas, the state of Texas with a total land area of 695,662 sq km, is smaller than Nigeria (923,756 sq km) in terms of size.  Nigeria is 1.3 times bigger than the state of Texas.

Superimposing of Texas and Nigeria maps

From the above it can be clearly seeen tha Nigeria can comfortably accommodate the entire landmass of Texas.

Population demographics of Nigeria as compared to Texas

According to estimates by the World Bank as of 2020, the population of Nigeria stands at 206 million which is distributed almost evenly with 51.7 % of the population living in rural areas, and 48.3% of the population living in the rural areas.

Ranked as the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria has a considerably younger population. According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, 42.5 % of Nigerians are 14 years or younger.

For the state of Texas, the United States Bureau of Statistics projects its population at 29,360,759 based on the 2021 census.

When compared side by side with Nigeria, it can be concluded that Nigeria is 7 times larger than Texas in terms of Population, also the population boom in Texas unlike in Nigeria is due mostly to Immigrants from other countries.

Comparing the GDP of both Countries

GDP of Nigeria

Nigeria has been ranked as the biggest economy in Africa. Although the Covid19 Pandemic has affected all its economic sectors, including Oil which is the economic mainstay, Nigeria’s GDP grew by 0.51% in the first quarter of 2020 according to the hard paper report by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics.

As of 2021, Nigeria has a Nominal GDP of 40.01 Trillion Naira (an equivalent of $423B) and a Real GDP of 16.83 Trillion Naira per the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. 

GDP of Texas

The state of Texas has a GDP of $1.7 trillion as at 2021, which is also the second largest GDP in the United States. Oil was previously the main economic mainstay of Texas, however, due to recent reforms, the state of Texas is becoming a manufacturing base with more industries like the Tesla Giga Factory moving into the area.

By a virtue of this, texas has a GDP that is at lease 4 times that of Nigeria.

facts about both places

4 facts about Nigeria

  1. Aliko Dangote from Nigeria who has a net worth of $16.1 bn is the richest black person on earth.
  2. Nigerians are the most educated racial groups in the United states.
  3. The author of the ‘Telephone Conversation’ is a Nigerian and a Nobel laureate by the name Wole Soyinka.
  4. The Arewa knot which is a popular insignia used in Northern Nigeria was adapted from the Celtic Church.

5 facts about Texas

  1. Texas is second largest state in the United States of America.
  2. Texas has the second highest population with a total population of 29million residents behind California.
  3. Texas is home to more than 100 fortune 500 companies.
  4. Texas is one of the most religious and conservative state in the United States of America.
  5. The state of Texas has strict laws against abortion although these laws have been criticized as harsh and insensitive by many people.


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