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Your Complete Guide to Airtel Data Balance

1. How to check Airtel data balance

For you to check Airtel 2G data balance, just dial * 121 * 51 #, then select option 4. For 3G, dial * 121*51#. If you are using 4G, dial *121*51#, select option 1 and continue.

2. How to share data on airtel

A user can only share a maximum of 200MB with a person. If you want to share Airtel data with a friend, just dial *141#. Now choose the option of “share data”. You can also see or options for ‘Me2U’ or ‘Gifting’.

Note: Maximum of two people is allowed daily. You can’t share to more than two recipients.


3. Airtel data plan 2019

Here are some codes and costs for daily data subscription, 2019:

To get 20MB for N50, dial *141*50# to activate.

For just N100, you can get 75MB. Just dial *141*100#. It’s valid for one day.

If you need up to 200MB, valid for three days, dial *141*200#. This will cost you N200.

For weekly data plans:

Get 350MB with just N300, valid for 7 days. To activate, dial *141*300#

You can also get 750MB with N500. This plan is valid for 14 Days. To activate, simply dial *141*500#.

Airtel data plan 2018

You can get a 1.5GB Airtel data plan for N1,000. It is valid for 30 days. Dial *496# to subscribe. For a 3.5GB data plan (N2,000), dial *437#. Do you browse heavily and need a bigger plan? Get 10GB for just N5,000 by dialing *438#. All valid for 30 days.

4. Airtel data plan subscription code

 With N500, you can get 750MB, just dial *141*500#. Get 1.5GB Airtel data for N1,000, dial *141*1000#.

Another plan costs only N1,500. Here, you will receive 2.5GB+1GB Night browsing bonus. Dial *141*1500# to activate. Also, you can get 3.5GB with N2,000, use *141*2000# to subscribe.

5. How to borrow data from Airtel with code

If you want to borrow Airtel data, use AirtelExtraCredit by dialing *500#. Follow the simple steps.

6. Airtel 4g and 3g data plan in Nigeria. Speed, and Pricing

Airtel Nigeria is constantly working on improving its speed and they might have began toying with the idea of 5G. For most users, the 4G speed is more than enough but if your phone constantly drops battery, it will be a great idea if you can drop down to 3G to extend your battery life. The speed of the airtel network is highly dependent on your location and the time of the day. Personally, the highest speed I have recorded on the airtel network is 12mb/s. To get started with any Airtel 3g data plan, just dial *141#.

7. How to buy data on Airtel

One of the cheapest monthly data plans for Android costs N1,000. With N1,000, you will get 1.5GB, valid for 30 days. If you want to buy this Airtel data plan, dial*141*1000#. Plan can be used on all devices.

8. How to check data balance on Airtel with code

For 2G data balance, dial *121*51#, select option 4 and proceed. If you want to 3G data balance, dial *121*51#, select your choice. For 4G, dial *121*51#, then choose option 1.

9. How to transfer data on Airtel

With Airtel’s DataMe2U orDataShare, it is possible for you to share or transfer data to another Airtel user. You must have data before you can share. How can you share/transfer data? Just, dial *141#. Select ‘Gifting’ or ‘Me2U’.

10. Airtel unlimited data plan

This plan is superb! With only N15,000, get unlimited data (over 64GB) for 30 days. Dial *462*10# to get started.

11. Airtel double data code

Airtel has been more generous lately, you can now get double data when you use these codes. To get 3GB for just N1,000, dial*496#. Get 6GB with N1,500, dial *440*161#. For 7GB which costs N2,000, dial *437#.

12. Airtel data subscription. How to buy Airtel data

Whether you are using Android phone or you want to browse the internet with you PC, you can get a 30-day data plan from Airtel for N1,000. Dial *141*1000#.

13. Airtel data plan cheat

Use these codes to get good data deals. With N300, get 350MB (dial *141*300#). Get 750MB with N500 (diala *141*500#). With N1000, you can get 1.5GB, dial*141*1000# to subscribe.

14. Airtel monthly data plan

There are lots of monthly data plans you can choose from. To get started, just dial *141#.

15. How to load Airtel data

 For a N1,000 30-day subscription, dial *141*1000#. This gives you 1.GB of data. With N1,500, get 3.5GB data bundle, also valid for 30 days. Dial *141*1500# to activate.

16. How to check Airtel data balance via SMS

To check your Airtel data balance via SMS, dial *140# and wait for SMS message from Airtel. This gives you details about your data balance(s).

17. How to recharge Airtel data with subscription code

If you are a heavy internet browser, you can get a 3.5GB data package for 30 days. Cost? Just N2,000. Dial *141*2000# to subscribe.

18. How to subscribe to Airtel data

It’s straightforward. Start by dialing *141#. You will see lots of exciting data offers.

19. Airtel night data plan

From 12am-5am, you can now enjoy cheap browsing offers from Airtel. With just N25, you will get 500MB night data plan to surf the net. Just dial *312# and follow the simple instructions.

20. Best Airtel data plan for students

Students seem to be the largest consumers of data today. Airtel now gives students cheap data plans. Check them by using this code: *439#.

21. Airtel daily data plan

Dial *410# to get 50MB for only N100. If you need more data, get 200MB with just N200 by dialing *412#.

22. How to load data on Airtel

First have a budget in mind. Then dial *141#. Proceed by making a big data plan choice.

23. Airtel data subscription code

For a weekly data plan, dial *141*500# to receive 750MB. This plan costs N500.

There are varieties of monthly data subscription. For N1,000, get 1.5GB with this code: *141*1000#. With N1,500, you will get 2.5GB plus 1GB night data plan (12am-5am), simply dial *141*1500#.

24. Code to borrow data from Airtel

Are you out of data and you need an urgent thing to do online? Airtel allows you to borrow data. Just dial *500# and choose the amount of data needed.

25. New Airtel data plan

Anywhere you are, at any time, you can choose data plans ranging from daily to weekly and also monthly. Just dial *141# and proceed to choose an Airtel data plan.

26. Airtel cheapest data plan. Airtel cheap data plan

You can now get 2.5GB with just N1,500 + 1GB night plan (1am to 7am daily), valid for 30 days.

For N3,000, get 5.5GB + 1GB browsing daily (1am to 7am).

27. Airtel MiFi and its price

Airtel MiFi gives customers faster internet browsing experience. The Airtel 4G LTE MiFi WiFi Hotspot costs N85,000. This also comes with a 25GB data plan. You can later buy 15GB MiFi data plan with N5,000, and get 40GB with N10,000. Cost for 75GB is N15,000.

28. Airtel 3gb for 1000. How to subscribe?

Just dial *496# for a 1.5GB data plan. If you are on the SmartTrybe tariff plan, you will receive 1GB data.

29. Airtel youtube plan. How to subscribe?

 Enjoy YouTube videos with these plans. 

For a weekly plan, dial *323*12#. You get 300MB for just N300 

For a monthly plan, dial *323*11#. This costs just N400, and you will get 600MB.

30. Airtel 1gb for 100. How to subscribe?

This plan is awesome! It very perfect for weekend net surfing. With just N100, you will get 1GB data for weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

To use the Airtel 1gb for 100, just dial *474*1#. To check your data balance, dial *140#.

31. Airtel free Facebook. How to subscribe?

This is simple. Enjoy Airtel free Facebook launching your Facebook app with your Android phone. Right at the top corner of the Facebook homepage, you will still see “Go to free”. Just click it. Now you can enjoy the free Facebook!

32. Airtel WhatsApp plan. How to subscribe?

This plan is cool. With just N100, get unlimited chats on WhatsApp. Dial *948# to activate.

Enjoy unlimited fun with Airtel data plans!

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