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NIIT Nigeria [Courses, fees, admission etc]

niit nigeria

The national institute of Information Technology was established in the year 1981 to help mobilize human resources for the growing IT industry. It offers various training in human development and several digital skills acquisition for youths.

The company’s main purpose is to develop innovative technologies and industrial technology products that solve technical problems involving manufacturing, supply chain management, or scientific research activities. Besides researching new inventions and developing reliable knowledge about various industries’ processes by utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, the information services division helps employers understand their customers better through use-case analysis and marketing intelligence (MII), which are made available within all companies as well with data analytics capabilities using AI algorithms.

The NIIT was established in the year 1981 by two Indian graduates of IIT Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani with a startup fund one million rupees.

Home and Appliances

Every year, NIIT train more than 17,000 students across Nigeria making it the largest ICT education provider in Africa. 

The NIIT mainly operates across three business lines around the world – Skills and Career Group, Corporate Learning Group, and School Learning Group.

NIIT has won several awards which include; the Brandon Hall Awards for Corporate Training, ASSOCHAM National Brand Summit & Excellence Awards, and many others.

NIIT’s partner in Nigeria is ForteSoft Systems Limited which was officially opened for business on July 7, 2006. Since then, ForteSoft Systems has been providing quality and world-class ICT training and consultancy in Nigeria.

NIIT Courses and Fees

National Institute of Information Technology offers courses that are available to students from all over the world. ICT Education allows you, your staff and future graduates to get certified in basic skills required for getting a job or increasing your incomes through new industries that are emerging in the ICT world. The average registration fee for an NIIT program is between $35-$190. Below are the courses offered by NIIT:

  • E-Commerce;
  • Java Programming
  • Network Engineering; 
  • Sun Java Developer; 
  • Web Design Technology; 
  • E-Commerce;
  • Linux; 
  • MCSE; 
  • Sun Java Developer; 
  • Linux; 

These courses above are the main traditional courses offered by NIIT that will help you learn the Fundamentals of ICT. NIIT has also made provisions to fill the growing skill gap in the ICT by introducing courses codenamed Futuristic Transformation Programmes, they include;

NIIT Futuristic Programmes

  • Machine Learning With R
  • Internet Of Thing (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Software Engineering (Check our excellent software Engineering guide)
  • Power Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Power Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Diginxt- Big Data
  • Professional Diploma In Digital Transformation – Big Data
  • Java Enterprise Apps With DevOps
  • Professional Diploma In Digital Transformation Java Enterprises
  • Data Analytics
  • Python
  • Diginxt- Mms (Software Engineering)
  • Digital Transformation Program – Mms
  • Diginxt- Digital Marketing
  • Professional Diploma In Digital Transformation – Digital Marketing
  • MMS-Infrastructure Management

computer science niit

NIIT Locations in Nigeria

NIIT is located in the following places in Lagos, Nigeria; 


No.112 Obafemi Awolowo Road, Opp Zenith Bank, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: +234(808)3367393. Email: [email protected]


No. 114 Funsho Williams Avenue, Surulere, Lagos

Contact: +234(809)9045352 Email: [email protected]


KM 11 Lekki – Epe Express Way, Ikota First Gate, Opp Fidelity Bank, Ajah

 +234 (817) 113 7822, (809) 334 9988, Email: [email protected]

Festac Town

First Floor, Damilola Plaza, 22 Road, 2nd Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos

+234 (809) 194 5352, (817) 553 7822, (802) 094 4901 Email: [email protected]


 No. 60, Ayangbure Rd, above Domino Stores, Beside Ayangbure Palace, Ikorodu

+234 (809) 334 4998, (809) 334 4997, (809) 334 9911 Email: [email protected]

NIIT Exams Centre

niit exams

This is where all NIIT  certification exams are written in Nigeria it is located at; No. 112, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Opposite Zenith Bank, Ikeja – Lagos

+234 (908) 719 7390, (908) 7870972 Email: [email protected]

Relevant Questions Related to NIIT 

What is the full meaning of NIIT?

NIIT is an acronym for the National Institute of Information Technology, Africa’s largest ICT education provider.

What are the courses in NIIT?

NIIT offers several courses which include but are not limited to;

  • E-Commerce;
  • Java Programming
  • Network Engineering; 
  • Sun Java Developer; 
  • Web Design Technology; 
  • E-Commerce;
  • Linux; 
  • MCSE; 
  • Sun Java Developer; 
  • Linux; 

Is NIIT a government institute?

NIIT is not a government institute. It is an international ICT education provider. However, Forte Soft Systems acquired a franchise from NIIT in 2013 to run its programs in Nigeria.         

computer science niit

Is NIIT a university in Nigeria?

The NIIT is not recognized by the National University Commission as a Degree awarding institution in Nigeria. Therefore, it is not a university.                

Is NIIT good for Python?

The Python Programme offered by NIIT is extensive and at the same helpful for both professionals and beginners. The NIIT Python course is good and therefore recommended for all who want to learn Python programming.                                                

What are the fees for the Java course in NIIT?

The Average cost of a java course at NIIT is $50.

Does the NIIT certificate have any value?

Yes. NIIT is a reputable body in the ICT education sector, so its certificate is well recognized by several IT industry stakeholders and observers.                                       

How can I apply for NIIT?

To apply for NIIT visit any NIIT branch close to you or simply visit this link to register.

Does NIIT give a certificate?

Yes. At the end of each program, NIIT offers a certificate of completion. But you should be more focused on gaining the skill than the certificate

Does NIIT offer degree courses?

No. NIIT is not a recognized degree awarding Institute, so they don’t offer degree courses.

What is NIIT scholarship all about?

Every year NIIT pays 100% fees of over 100 students to take one or more courses in its program. The NIIT scholarship was introduced to stimulate the interest of students in the ICT sector. It is meant for the unemployed, underemployed, secondary school graduates, undergraduates, and anyone interested in building their ICT skills. To be eligible for this scholarship you must either be an undergraduate in your final year or a secondary school leaver. 

Is NIIT accredited in Nigeria?

NIIT is fully accredited in Nigeria by the National Board of Technical Education, Ministry of Industry, and other regulatory bodies.

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