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How to check Etisalat/9mobile number

9mobile, formally known as Etisalat Nigeria is one of the leading service providers in terms of telecommunications in Nigeria. This article is written to guide you and answer your questions as regards knowing your number through a self-service. Notably, it is getting cliche that when Nigerian need to know their number, they call another phone and write their phone number down. However, this article will erase that by informing you of the way to check your 9mobile by yourself.

  1. Simply dial USSD code *248# on your mobile phone, your Etisalat number pops up on the screen.
  2. There’s also an option of calling the 9mobile call centre where you can follow the instructions to have your mobile number called for you through the voice call. This process seems long, so the first approach is the best, as it is less stressful and more efficient.

What do Etisalat numbers start with?

All telecom service providers in Nigeria have varying prefixes to their numbers. However, many individuals still confuse the number due to their inability to match different prefixes to the correct service providers. 9mobile also posses its unique mobile number prefixes that help distinguish and identify its number.

The prefixes for 9mobile number are; 0809…, 0909…, 0817…, 0818…. These 4 prefixes are peculiar to the Etisalat/9mobile network.


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