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Etisalat/9mobile Data Plans: Your complete guide


On every telecommunications network, data is fast becoming the hotspot of attraction. With many people in Nigeria, surfing the internet like never before, jumping on the data plan with the best quality and price has been the norm. More so, regarding quality, Etisalat has the best and one of the fastest data network either on Android or iOS. Furthermore, when it comes to price, they have lots of plans tailored to fit the small data and heavy data users, as well as the low and high budget data users. However, information is power, and there are data plans that even Etisalat network users do not know about. This is about to end as this article covers everything as regards data on the Etisalat network.

Data Plans Subscription codes Price (N) Validity period
75gb *229*2*4# 15000 Monthly (30days)
40gb *229*4*1# 10000
15gb *229*2*37# 5000
11gb *229*2*36# 4000
4.5gb *229*2*8# 2000
3gb *229*2*3# 1500
2gb *229*2*25# 1200
1.5gb *229*2*7# 1000
500mb *229*2*12# 500
25mb *229*3*8# 50 Daily (24 hours)
100mb *229*3*1# 100 Daily (24 hours)

Etisalat/9mobile Night plans

For movie lovers, the night plan fits the bill perfectly. At this time, not much people are using the network, causing a breakneck speed in the download of movies. Also, for some other reasons, you might be needing to surf the internet at night. Etisalat understands this and has set up a night plan for its users. Notably, the Etisalat night plan is only available for Easycliq tariff users. However, if you intend to use this data plan, you can migrate to this tariff by simply dialling *244*1#.

Data plan Subscription codes Price (N) Validity period
250mb *229*10*10# 50 12:00 am -5:00 am

(Night plan)

1gb *229*3*11# 200

On the Etisalat network, there is no unlimited data plan as many may have thought; however, there are significant data plans for heavy data users. These plans have varying validity periods. The table below shows the big data plans that exist on the Etisalat network.

Data plans Subscription codes Price (N) Validity period
30gb *229*5*1# 27,500 3months
60gb *229*5*2# 55,000 4months
100gb *229*4*5# 65,000 1month
120gb *229*5*3# 110,000 1year

Etisalat/9mobile weekend data

The weekend plan is designed as a short fix to cover your weekend data usage. It is considerably economical, and you should try it sometime soon

Data plans Subscription codes Price (N) Validity period
2gb *229*3*12# 1000 Friday 11:59pm- Sunday 11:59pm + weekdays (7pm-6:59)
5gb *229*3*13# 2000 Friday 11:59pm- Sunday 11:59pm + weekdays (7pm-6:59) + 24/7 WhatsApp

How to check Etisalat/9mobile data balance

Tracking your data usage is expected as a data user. To check your real-time data balance on the Etisalat network, simply dial *228#, your data balance is displayed on the screen, and an SMS is sent to your phone containing the same details. You can also send “Bal” to 228 to get a message containing your data balance.


How to opt our of Etisalat/9mobile data plan: Stopping auto-renewal

When you activate a data plan on the Etisalat network, it is automatically set on auto-renewal except you deactivate this feature. To disable the auto-renewal feature,  simply text “STOP” to 229 or dial *229*0#. You get a message notifying you of deactivation.

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