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Custodian & allied insurance plc. What you need to know.

logo Custodian & allied insurance plc.

History of the custodian and allied insurance plc and what they do.

Custodian & Allied Insurance is a wholly-owned Nigerian Company. The company focuses on developing, packaging, and delivering innovative insurance products that best satisfy customer needs. Custodian and allied insurance is a registered member of the Nigerian insurers association. It has grown to become one of the finest insurance firms in Nigeria.

Custodian and allied insurance plc start operation on 13th August 1997. The company got listed on the exchange on the 12th of June 2007. 

The custodian and allied insurance groups specialize in providing the best insurance policies for companies and personal use. The group has various defined programs that clients can select their best pick based on needs and desires.


Custodian & allied insurance plc.

Custodian & allied insurance plc head office address

Custodian House

16A, Commercial Avenue,

Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

P. O. Box 2101, Lagos.

custodian and allied insurance plc annual report 2017 (Leave this, I will do it)

Custodian life assurance. What is all about and how to apply for it?

Custodian life assurance limited is a reputable life insurance company in Nigeria. The company operates under the license of the national insurance commission. It deals with will aspects of the life insurance business. It was formerly known as crusader life insurance limited.

The custodian life assurance offers a life insurance policy in the form of a contract between the Insured (also known as the Policyholder) and the Insurance company. The insurance company guarantees payment of the benefit payable on a policy to named beneficiary in line with the insurance contract

The available types of life insurance are Term Assurance, Whole Life Assurance, and Endowment Assurance.

  • A Term Assurance benefit is payable to a beneficiary only when the life assured dies during the policy.
  • Whole Life Assurance policy benefit becomes payable to a beneficiary of the life assured whenever death occurs.
  • An Endowment Assurance benefit is payable at maturity or in the event of death.

How to apply

The custodian life assurance has several products. The insurance products can be accessed via the product type portal. The products have their own merits and mode of operation. After understanding each system’s benefits, users can click on ‘buy now/quote’ to proceed in their application.

Custodian & allied insurance plc.

Custodian portal. How to access it.

The custodian portal is a multifaceted gateway to all companies under the custodian group. The portal can be accessed t hrough the custodian homepage. Through this interface, users can navigate to the various parts of the custodian group.

Custodian & allied insurance plc.

First pension custodian. How it works.

The first pension custodian is a company that provides a full spectrum of custodial services, all designed to meet their business needs. The company aims to be a leader in customer services driven by superior customer insight and cutting-edge relationship management.

The services of first pension custodian include:

  • Pension collation from employers for clients 
  • Portfolio valuations and management 
  • Compliance monitoring 
  • Investment management 

To become a first pension custodian system participant, log on to the company homepage. Navigate to self-service and choose from a range of options, depending on your choice of action. 

Custodian & allied insurance plc.

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