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British international school Lagos [fees, admission, salaries, and recruitment]

Britich International School Lagos, LOGO.

British international school Lagos

 British International School Lagos is located in the heart of Nigeria’s (Check out the top 13 secondary schools in Nigeria) commercial capital, Lagos. The school opened its doors to students in September 2010 and now has more than 300 students from over 20 different countries enrolled with us.

The school offers an English-medium education for a three-year-old through an eighteen-year-old curriculum leading to IGCSE examinations at sixteen years of age and A level examinations at 18 years of age.

British International School Lagos provides a British international style co-educational educational program that aims to develop well-rounded young people who are equipped with skills that enable them to succeed academically and socially as they progress through life.


British international school Lagos’s Founder

British International School. The School Enviroment.

British international school Lagos was founded in 1963 by the British government to provide secondary education for children of British expatriates.

Located on a large site in Ikoyi, it is recognized as one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria and Africa. It follows the National Curriculum of England with additional courses offered to prepare students for entry into universities around the world.

The top three most popular university destinations are Cambridge University, Oxford University, and London School of Economics which all have an acceptance rate between 14% – 18%.

The school has been ranked number 1 in Nigeria according to Education World magazine’s International Schools Ranking 2017.

 British International School fees

British International School,. Students

British international school fees in Nigeria are a topic that has been on the lips of many parents, especially those with children who are ready to start school. It is often hard to tell how much you should be paying for this type of education and we want to break it down for you.

British International School in Lagos charges $12,000 per year for tuition but there are other expenses as well such as uniforms, books, lunches, and field trips.

By understanding all the costs involved before enrolling your child into these schools you can make an educated decision about what would work best for your family’s budget and lifestyle.

British International School in Nigeria is one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria. The school offers a range of courses from A levels to IB and through different grades, like kindergarten and nursery.

Fees are typically calculated on an annual basis for international students with fluctuating prices depending on grade level, country of residence, age at the time of registration, etc.

British international school salary

British International Schools in Lagos are among some of the most prestigious and well-respected institutions.

They offer a range of programs from early years education through secondary school, with many offering boarding facilities as well.  The salaries for employees vary depending on their position within the institution.

For example, teachers typically earn between £20,000 – £47,000 annually while administrators average around £45,000 including bonuses and benefits.

This is based on research conducted by Payscale Inc., one of America’s leading providers of online compensation data.

How to apply for British international school Lagos as a student

British International School,. Students.

If you are a student and are looking to apply for the British International School Lagos, You should follow the steps below;

The first step is to fill out an application form, which can be found here

You need to pay a fee once it has been approved by emailing funds, To do so, click here

with your name and school ID number (found on page 1 of your completed application).

Once you have paid the fee, they will send a receipt back via email confirming.

British international school recruitment

British international schools in Lagos are looking to hire more teachers. They offer the opportunity to work with a diverse student body and gain experience teaching outside your home country.

The schools help you find housing, provide health care coverage, and have onsite childcare facilities for employees.

The British international school is seeking new staff members who can teach English as well as other subjects such as math, science, history, geography, or art.

Teachers should be able to demonstrate excellent classroom management skills because they will also need to create engaging lessons that encourage students of all levels to learn at their own pace through independent study and group work.

If you’re ready for an adventure abroad this summer break then apply now!

Contact information: Email:

Phone number: 08039120004

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