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All About Airtel Recharge Code

1. A Brief Background Regarding Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is one of the leading telecommunication service providers for mobile users in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

This telecommunication company is committed to providing quality, innovative, and affordable mobile services for its customers.

In 2001, 5th of August to be precise, Airtel made history. The company became the first telecoms operator to ever launch the commercial GSM services in Nigeria. It has also gotten on top of the highly competitive telecommunication industry in Nigeria. So far, Airtel was the first to introduce the toll-free 24/7 customer care.


Airtel Nigeria keeps working tirelessly to offer superior and innovative products and services to Nigerians.

2. What Are The Airtel Recharge Code?

If you don’t know the recharge code for Airtel, or maybe you have forgotten it, don’t worry. You will get it here and more.

To recharge your Airtel recharge card is simple. When you but you the card and it is gently scratched, you will see 16 digits.

Now to recharge your card,

dial *126*sixteen digits#

then press the send key or call key, on your phone. In practical, if the 16 digits on your Airtel recharge card is 1243 1885 1260 2478, you are to recharge your phone like this by dialing *126*1243188512602478#. After this press the send key or the call key. That’s it; you are done. You will be credited immediately.

If you want to check your balance,

dial *123#

then press the send or call key.

3. What Are The Airtel Internet Data Recharge Code?

There are different types of codes used for accessing different Airtel internet data plans, depending on your choices. There are also codes used for checking your data balance.

Airtel Direct Data Recharge Code

If you want to wish to use Airtel direct data recharge code, simply dial *141#. Then select the data of your choice, ranging from daily to monthly plans.

Do you need Airtel monthly data plan? There is one that costs just N1,000 where you get 1.5GB, valid for 30 days. You can use it on both PC and phone. To access this, make sure you have up to N1,000 in your airtime balance and then, dial *141*1000#. That’s it

To get Airtel’s 3.5GB data plan which lasts for 30 days (it costs N1,500), dial *141*1500#. It also comes with a bonus, that is, you get 1GB which can be used from midnight, 12am-7am.

4. Airtel Double Recharge Code

Airtel offers you cool bonus codes. You can get double from your recharges. There are always exciting offers from this innovative telecommunication service provider.

Dial *220# to check if there are any new offer for your recharges.

5. Airtel Bonus Recharge Code

Airtel always surprise its customers with great bonuses.

With the new Airtel Smart Recharge, you can get amazing bonuses, three times to ten times what you recharge – that you can use for calls and data.

To get this bonus, use this special recharge code: *220*RechargePin#. When you recharge N100, for instance, you will receive N500.

6. Airtel Recharge Card Activation Code

Activate your Airtel recharge card using this code, *126*RechargePin# The recharge pin is the 16 digit numbers you see when you buy your recharge card.

Check your balance using *123#.

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