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Airtel night plan: The subscriber’s guide

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Airtel night plan code

The code for the Airtel night plan is *312#. By dialing the USSD code, you are presented with a number of options. You can subscribe to Smart Trybe, if you are already subscribed, you can activate any of the night plan options offered.

Airtel night plan 2020

The Airtel night plan data amount can be altered based on whatever Airtel deems fit. But for now, you can get 250MB for N25. The subscription can be renewed for as much as 5times between 12am and 5am.


Airtel night plan 100 for 1gb

The 1gb night data plan of Airtel goes for N500. It is active between 12am and 5am. To subscribe, dial *312#, reply with 2.

Airtel night plan cheat

All cheats for Airtel data have been discontinued. Thus, the only active channel to access night data is through the subscription code, *312#.

Airtel night plan limit: How many times can I subscribe?

The limit of Airtel night plan subscription is 5 times. Thus, Airtel subscribers can renew their night plan subscription for as much as 5times between 12am and 5am.

Airtel night plan time

The night plan time is between 12am and 5am.

Airtel night plan code for 1.5gb

The 1.5gb Airtel night plan has been discontinued. Airtel subscribers are only eligible to use the N25 or N500 naira night subscription

Airtel night plan for smart connect

To subscribe or migrate to the Airtel smart Connect tariff plan simply recharge by dialing *126*PIN#. N1500 data subscription will fetch you a total of 6GB which consist of 2GB day plus 1GB night and a bonus of 2GB day plus 1GB for night browsing amount to 4GB for browsing in the day time and 2GB for browsing at night.

Airtel night plan activation code

To activate Airtel night plan, simply dial *312#

Airtel night plan for a month

The Airtel night plan is only valid for a period of 5hrs. There is no weekly or monthly option for Airtel night plan.

Can Airtel night plan be accumulated?

If you intend to accumulate the Airtel night plan, you can subscribe for the N25 data for as much as 5times. This gives the subscriber a total of 1gb. In any case of not exhausting your data before 5:00 AM, the remaining data will expire and the data cannot be rolled over.

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