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9mobile [call tariff plans, customer care, APN settings, check phone number and more]

Confusing short codes of various telecom is a norm amongst individuals in Nigeria. A need for a go-to guide has aroused because of this. 9mobile, previously known as Etisalat is one of the top telecom companies in Nigeria today. With over 1,000,000million subscribers across the borders of the nation. Notably, despite the change in ownership, 9mobile retained all the data shortcode and activation channels of Etisalat. Furthermore, due to the high number of telecom service providers in Nigeria, it is normal as humans to get their shortcodes mixed up at times.

More so,  a lot of 9mobile current users and intending users will need to know how to check their accounts and the credit balance on the network. Even the current users, tend to forget over time.

9mobile customer care

As telecom users in Nigeria, glitches are encountered at a time or the other that warrant the expertise of the customer care representatives. Also, getting information through enquiries from customer care is needed at times. Knowing the customer care line/number is necessary. 9mobile customer care line is 200. After dialling the number, you are directed to speak with the customer care representative.


How to check 9mobile credit balance

The sole channel for checking credit balance on the 9mobile network is through the USSD shortcode. It is very reliable and easy for all 9mobile subscribers.

  • All that is needed to check the credit balance is to simply dial *232#, your airtime balance details pop up in the phone screen. Also, the details are provided to your mobile through SMS.

9mobile tariff plans

Information on tariff plans is very vital to a network subscriber. The constant introduction of new tariffs, as well as adjustments to the existing ones, make being updated about tariff information very important. We will take you through the existing and new tariffs by 9mobile.

1. MoreLife Complete Features & Benefit.

On this tariff, Recharges above N5000 naira within a month grants you free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 countries.

USA (T-mobile), UK (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), Egypt (Vodafone).

SMS is 4 Naira to all local networks and N15 Naira for international. To migrate: dial *620*1#

MoreLife Tariff Plan Call Rate.

You can call any local network in Nigeria including mtn, glo and airtel at the rate of 15kb/per sec o. Not only that, but you can also make calls at the same rate to 7 international countries including India, China, UK, Malaysia, USA, Germany and Canada.

2. Moretalk tariff plan

  • You get free 300 Naira or N100 Naira bonus airtime to call 5 you and me numbers upon airtime recharge of N200 or N100 Naira respectively.
  • Moretalk also offers free 10MB data when you recharge 100 Naira and above.
  • Both data and airtime bonus are only once in a week (7 days).
  • Make your receiver pay for the call by putting 268 before the number you want to call.
  • To register a 9mobile number on you & me, dial *233*1*.
  • Dial *233*2* to remove a number from your list.
  • Check all numbers on your list by dialling *233#.

MoreTalk Tariff Call Rate.

The call rate for 9mobile moretalk tariff plan is 40 K/S. But once you’ve used N25 in a day, the call rate drops to 25 K/Sec. To migrate: dial *244*8#

3. 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

There is only one thing you need to know about this tariff plan. There is no fixed call rate except for calls made to 9mobile numbers within the early hours of 12:30 AM to 04:30 AM.

9mobile TalkZone Call Rate.

We already establish the fact that there is no official call rate but you will be charged 12K/S when you call any 9mobile number at an off-peak hour (12:30 – 4:30 AM).

4. 9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan

New subscribers are eligible to a 250% bonus on every airtime recharge. To call any network. There is free 10MB free data on recharge of N100 Naira within a week. When you buy data worth of 200MB to 10GB, you get 100 per cent bonus. You get 200 Naira free airtime on your birthday (during the sim registration). You get free 1 minute to call easy-cliq or Cliq-lite numbers when you receive 5 minutes call from other Nigerian networks. After 25 Naira call in a day, the call rate is slashed

9mobile Cliqlite Call Rate.

The call rate for this tariff plan is 40 Kobo/Sec. But after making a call worth 25 Naira in a day, the call rate drops to.

  • 20 Kobo/Sec for cliqlite to cliqlite calls.
  • 25 Kobo/Sec for calls to other 9mobile numbers.
  • 30 Kobo/Sec for calls to other Nigerian networks.

5. 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution Tariff Plan

The lowest packages cost N500 and 1000 Naira valid for 7 and 14 days respectively. The other available bundles cost 2000, 5000 and N10000 Naira valid for 30 days. Renewal is automatic upon exhaustion or expiration.

MoreFlex Evolution Benefits & Features.

500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 Naira subscription attracts 300% bonus on voice+ value (more call airtime and less data).

2000 Naira subscription attracts 350% bonus for voice+ bundles. If you recharge N5000 Naira and above in a month, you will get free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 countries including UK (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), & Egypt (Vodafone). service is valid for 30 days.

9mobile Moreflex Evolution Call Rate.

The call rate for both local and international calls on this call plan is 40 Kobo/Second. To migrate: dial *320#

How to recharge on 9mobile and the code to use

To recharge on 9mobile, dial *222*recharge pin#. Your account balance is automatically credited with the amount of airtime you bought.

How to check 9mobile number

0802… 0801…, it happens a lot of times where individuals forget their mobile number. In times like this, customers resort to different avenues to get their number which includes; checking their simpack, dialling a neighbour’s number on their phone. However, this article is aimed at guiding users on how they can check their number right on their phone within seconds.

  • To check your number on 9mobile, simply dial *248#. Your mobile number immediately pops on the screen.

9mobile APN settings


To get automatic settings on 9mobile APN, text “SETTINGS” to 790. You will receive a message you are required to save.


Account Name: 9mobile internet

Username: (*leave blank)

Password: (*leave blank)

Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile

Home Page:

IP Address:

How to transfer airtime on 9mobile

To transfer credit on the 9mobile network, dial *223*PIN*amount*phone number#. However, it is imperative to change and choose a new pin as the default pin “0000” cannot be used for any transaction. Notably, the shortcode should be dialled on the mobile you are transferring the airtime from. After dialling the shortcode, a pop up appears that requires you to reply with 1 to confirm the transaction.

How to borrow airtime on 9mobile

To borrow airtime on 9mobile network, dial *665#. You are presented with the Morecredit interface where you can check your eligibility status. Also, you can check the highest amount you are eligible to borrow after which you can proceed to borrow the amount of your choice (so far it is within your eligibility status).

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