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9 Popular Nigerian Junk foods you should Know

chin chin

Top 9 Junk Foods That Nigerians Love To Eat

Food is one of the necessities of Man. However, not all food is good for consumption. Our habit has made us consume some foods  which we weren’t supposed to consume in large proportions. Junk food is food that is not fit for healthy consumption and is very high in Cholesterol and low in nutrients. Nigeria is blessed with varieties of food (Check out the best Nigerian food blogs), among what we dearly love and consume, some are sadly unhealthy. Below are the most loved junk foods by Nigerians.

Most popular Junk foods consumed by Nigerians

junk food

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  1. Puff-puff: This is one of the cheapest and the most common snacks in Nigeria. Most people buy this snack and take it together with drinks like Coke or Fanta. It is lightweight and has become the favorite of many Nigerians.
  2. Buns: Second on the list of most consumed junk food by Nigerians is Buns. It is made with flour and a few other ingredients. Buns just like puff puff have no serious nutritional benefits, but Nigerians are very addicted to them.
  3. Chin-Chin: You hardly go out any day and come back without coming across young guys in the streets selling this snack. Apart from that, it is available in almost every shop. The problem with consuming Chin Chin carelessly is that sometimes you won’t be aware it has expired, and the sellers who are mostly uneducated won’t care about it’s expiry either. Eating expired foods is very dangerous to our health.
  4. Pizza: Pizza is one of the world’s most consumed junk food.

    Most Pizzas especially the ones made by companies unhealthy and made with ingredients like highly refined dough and heavily processed meat which are not good for health.Pizza is also very high in Calories.

  5. Pastries: There’s an inexhaustible list of flour-based pastries which are either baked, fried, or roasted and are taken as snacks especially by students.  Healthy snack consumption can help one develop strong physical and mental energy and it also helps to reduce hunger before our main meals are prepared. Consumption of pastries should only be done to satisfy our nutritional needs but not to serve as our main meal. Its consumption should never be habitual because snack foods are very high in calories, sugar, fat, and salt.
  6. Egg Roll: This is just like Buns, except that it  is made by wrapping cooked Egg with flour and frying untill brown. This food is a known companion of soft drinks. It is widely consumed across Nigeria.
  7. Pop Corn: This is another popular food consumed by mostly young Nigerians. It is mostly consumed at Night during football and movie shows. This food has few benefits and its consumption is mostly for show.
  8. Noodles: Although noodles is not a Nigerian food, it has been widely adopted Nigerians, it is widely consumed by both children and adults. Nigerians consume noodles because it is very cheap and easy to cook. That’s why it is also known as instant noodles.

    Studies have shown that noodles contain high levels of sodium which is very cancerous and causes heart-related diseases, and also skin damage. Eating too many noodles is also bad for digestion and may lead to obesity.

  9. Chocolate: This another junk food consumed in most Nigerian homes. Infact, if you are a father, your child might have asked you to buy this food for him. Chocolate has been criticised by many health organizations due to the presence high level of fat and sugar. Stable consumption of has been identified to be the major cause of obesity, acne, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and severe diabetes.

Questions related to Junk food

Examples of Junk Food?

burger junk food

  1. Carbonated soft drinks
  2. Fruit Juices
  3. Chips
  4. Fried foods
  5. Pastries and chips
  6. Chocolate
  7. Noodles
  8. Buns
  9. Pizza
  10. burger

How is junk food bad for you?

It is bad because it is high in bad cholesterol and low in a nutrient.

What are the 3 foods to never eat?

  1. Sweetened foods
  2. Carbonated drinks
  3. Food with a high sugar level

What is the most unhealthy junk food?

Milk Shake

What junk food is best?

Pizza as it can ordered in such a way it has low calories.

Which junk food has fewer calories?


pizza junk food

Are chips junk food?

Potatoe chips can definitely be classified as junk food. 

What is the unhealthiest chip?

Fried Chips

Is Rice junk food?

No. Rice is not a junk food

Is it OK to eat fast food once a week?

It is ok as long as you burn calories

How much fast food is OK?

As much as possible, fast food is not recommended

How can I stop myself from eating junk food?

  • Maintaining a healthy habit
  • Discipline yourself
  • Prepare all you eat

What happens if you eat fast food once a day?

Nothing. As far as you burn calories

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